Do you believe that you’re meant for greatness, happiness, mass abundance and peace? Melissa’s hope is that you will believe this, after listening to today’s episode!

Your soul chose this exact time to experience the vastness of life- the good, the crazy, and the in-between.

In this episode of the Wholeness Podcast, we talk about the power of believing and deciding what you want. It is up to you to believe. You did not come here to struggle and experience endless worries, instead you are here on this planet to enjoy the beauty of it- allowing yourself to be present to what you want, not what you currently see or feel.

Tune in to learn about the power pivoting. You will also learn the importance of sitting in the feeling of already having what you want to manifest it into existence.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why your soul chose you and this lifetime.
  • The beauty and contrast of life- the depth of being human.
  • Allow yourself to be in the present by deciding.
  • Be aware of what and who you attract- what is working and not working.
  • How to write down what you believe and your heart’s desire.
  • Sit in the feeling of already having what you want- feel it and allow it to overtake your body to manifest quickly.
  • How to consistently affirm to shift your vibration to align with the frequency of everything you desire.

Key Quotes:

  • Your soul came here to experience all the facets of life.”
  • You get to “begin again” at any moment, that’s the beauty of life it doesn’t matter you just get to choose in this present moment.”
  • We are simply a loving observer, we don’t make ourselves wrong, we aren’t finding faults within ourselves we’re finding compassion, empathy, and deep loveThat is true acceptance”.

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