What would it feel like if you appreciated where you’re at in this exact moment? What if your soul goal is to let go, stop playing the controller and believe that you’re supported by the universe.

In this episode of the Wholeness Podcast, we talk about the benefits of appreciating where you are now.  Understand that the controller is a part of you that you created since you couldn’t believe you can have what you want. But now you know you can have what you want- you’re living in a higher level of consciousness.

Listen in to learn how to allow people to help you so you can relax and experience joy. You will also learn the importance of self and circumstance acceptance after appreciating where you are.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Stop playing God – recognize there are powerful sources outside of you here to help you.
  • How to acknowledge the controller part of yourself and level up to a higher level of consciousness.
  • Allow yourself to appreciate where you’re today as you love what is becoming of you.
  • How to be in your feminine by letting go of the masculine- allow your husband to show up for you.

Key Quotes:

  • If you’re sitting there thinking that you’re the one to will it into existence, then you’re playing God in your own life.”
  • Release yourself of the tight hold of all the angst and the anxiety and the pressure and the perfection, just let yourself be.”
  • Stop meeting masculine with masculine and be in your feminine.”


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