Do you want to know your Soul’s Blueprint?
Well you are going to find out in today’s episode of the Wholeness Show, where Intuitive Coach, Emily Rivera dives deep on this topic, helping you to get clear, align and tune into your own intuitive gifts, while dishing a ton of channeled guidance as we spoke!
Emily Rivera is a powerhouse of wisdom, connection and a beautiful channel of divine love. She’s been developing and honing her intuitive abilities since birth, and has proven time and again to be a messenger of transformation as her intuitive insights and gifts have been helping guide her and others since childhood. Emily is described by clients and participants as an earth angel whose presence and messages powerfully shift them into tangibly feeling clarity and peace. She is an otherworldly speaker, guide, and intuitive that delivers individuals into experiencing higher consciousness and teaches them how to quickly and easily create a life of fulfillment, freedom, love, and direct connection.Since an early age, Emily has been taught and has direct communication to what she has come to call Ascended Lights (Angels, Archangels, Masters, Beings of Light).
Below are some of the questions I asked and topics we covered:
  • Being intuitive – What does it mean to be intuitive?
  • Is everyone intuitive?
  • Can you grow your intuitive skills?
  • How to discover your Soul’s Blueprint – what is your purpose, vision and mission…
  • How to stay connected during deep loss, tragedy and hard times.
  • Why our souls came here, and what do they really want us to experience in life?
  • Why courage plays a huge part in your soul’s path and your happiness.
  • #1 Powerful tool to gain clarity and find your happy!
And so much more!


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