My video went viral this week and there’s a reason…

I received over 50K comments from women who found this information super helpful and had a similar or exact experience, asking for more guidance.

So I knew I had to create an episode about it for you and give you additional guidance here.

*As always, please share this with those that immediately come to your mind (that is how your higher self is guiding you to support others on their journey).

In this weeks episode of the Wholeness Podcast you’ll:

  • #1 Way to know your partner is not right for you (you’ve never heard this one!)
  • Discover how to identify toxic people and relationships
  • Learn how to clear yourself of negative energy, people and thoughts
  • Identity parts of yourself that are attracting this in and how to shift it
  • Hear how you can help shift your partners
  • Learn steps to connect within for your bodies intuitive guidance

And more…

If you have any questions about today’s episode, message me here:

As always if you found this helpful, share the love! It’s a boomerang effect and always comes back:)

And if this helped you, I’d love to hear from you!



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