I’m so excited to bring today’s guest to you! 

Lindsey Heppner is a beautiful light and heart-centered entrepreneur that followed her passion at a time when there was no path paved, and social media was not what it is today.  

But she had a vision and trusted in that, and as I alway teach – the Universe met her dream and showed her the next steps.

Here we are 7 years later, Lindsey has become a mogul in the social media marketing world.  Her first business, ‘VAMPPED.’ specializes in curating one-of-a-kind events, strategic planning for brands in the market space, world-class content, public relations and representing top digital talent with far-reaching online audiences.  

In the last 7 years, VAMPPED. has become one of the most recognizable agencies to hit the space and continues to be the most outspoken, biggest noisemaking agency out there supporting Influencers of all kinds, Celebrities, Brands and Artists to thrive!   

Lindsey recently created her new baby ReVampped. which was created to provide a unique experience for creators, athletes, and celebrities to take control of their own brand.

I love to interview powerful women, who share their truth, and help us all rise to be our best selves, to not hide or run from our dreams – but to trust in them and stay true to you along the way!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to declutter negative people from our lives
  • How to trust in your vision even if you’ve never seen it done
  • The top Social Media  platforms you should be on as an entrepreneur, personal brand or influencer
  • 3 Ways to Brand Yourself if your just getting started
  • Why it’s important to get on social media no matter what you do
  • The power of discernment
  • Why never to listen to naysayers
  • How to protect your energy

And so much more!

She is an amazing human, badass bossbabe and absolute sweetheart that is in full integrity and continues to share her journey and all she’s learned with you along the way!

Make sure to follow Lindsey Heppner @linzheppner on Instagram to not miss a thing! 

Instagram: @linzheppner

Website: https://www.vampped.com/ 

Check out her new podcast: revamped.com



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