Right now many are struggling with feeling stuck. Is this you?

Do you feel like you don’t have control and need a plan?

Sitting in uncertainty is uncomfortable – however, this space has a ton of guidance for you if you stop resisting it, but choose to allow it and be with it.

This episode is all about getting you unstuck and giving you specific insights, and practical, tactical and spiritual steps to support you with where you are right now.

I also speak into what I teach my clients, around “Delay Tactics” – a psychological pattern that is set up to keep you in your comfort zone.

In today’s episode you’ll:

  • Learn what “Delay Tactics” are
  • Discover your personal “delay tactics that you use to sabotage your success and how to get around them
  • Receive practical, tactical and spiritual steps to get unstuck today
  • Be inspired to take “inspired” action versus striving

And more



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