This episode is about one woman’s struggle with feeling suicidal, having her marriage falling apart, loss of work and feeling at an ultimate low and how she turned this around by  seeking Wholeness.

Mei asked the Universe for support and was guided to the Wholeness Podcast. She began to binge it from episode 1 and found that within a few episodes she was shifting.  Melissa checked her instagram and had a message from Mei, from Sweden sharing her story and struggles.  Melissa Kathryn began to give her guidance and coaching to support her even further and offered her a chance to be a guest on her Wholeness Podcast.

This episode is a LIVE coaching session, where they spoke about a multitude of topics that Mei is experiencing, from job loss, to a cheating husband, to battling depression and more.

There is something in this episode for everyone, no matter what you’re currently experiencing.

In today’s episode you’ll hear:

  • Mei (Her name) being coached live by Melissa Kathryn
  • How to cultivate Wholeness and Worthiness Within
  • Why asking for support outside of yourself is a super-power 
  • Discover ways the universe, God, Source is always supporting you

And so much more!



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