– Amanda Barrera

– Rachel Elliott

– Rebecca Tait

“I am so thankful to have found Melissa. In just 1 month of working with her, I have experienced an unbelievable amount of change.

I fell more connected to myself and my family than ever before. I feel more present in my life and I’m focusing on the positives instead of the negatives. I’m making peace with my past. I am happier in my marriage and less stressed out keeping up with my almost 2 year-old daughter.

I have lost 11 pounds and the crazy part is that Melissa has yet to discuss food with me. I feel better in my skin and am just making wiser food choices for myself.

Melissa is magical in knowing exactly what I need, when I need it. I just love her to pieces and am so grateful for all that she has done for me!”

– Mary Kate Mieczkowski

“In the past, I would binge on sweets for days and sometimes weeks afterward, gain weight, lose confidence, go on a diet, and repeat the process. I was on this terrible treadmill for decades. But today, because of my work with Melissa, I take a totally different path.

I am elated I now have a successful method of handling unsettled feelings when they arise so I don’t go down the binge eating path ever again!

Melissa is an awe-inspiring transformational coach that has changed my life in so many ways.

My binge eating issue is just one example of what I have been able to conquer with her help!”

– Jill Hale

“Working with Melissa has taken away some blocks that have been there a long time. I tend to be very hard on myself, second-guess what I did, what I said. She challenged me to look inside. Other people are not looking at me as much as I’m thinking about me.

My husband has noticed I’m happier, more content. I don’t wallow in things like I used to. I’m more hopeful. I wish it was something I had done at a much younger age, but if not now, when?

The biggest takeaway is that there’s no quick fix. It’s not about working harder. It’s about taking time for me, and taking time to evolve.

I love the me that was, that I am, and who I will be.

Melissa has taught me not to hide or avoid things. She doesn’t let me get away with anything. She calls me out.”

– Trudy Thomson