Come have breakfast with me!


I literally eat this almost every day and I love it! It’s one of my recipes from my very own Wholeness Cook book… (this will be coming out soon for you so stay tuned)


Best of all it’s nutrient dense, light and filling, keeps me energized and my brain on fire for the day! 


Here is the best part about all of my recipes, you can add or take away whatever you want! 


Use this as your Whole recipe or add more fats, carbs or protein. 


Watch below and see what I mean:


Healthy Easy Breakfast in Under 5 Minutes for you or your Whole family!


In this recipe


If for weight loss – use egg whites only


If you want more healthy fat and protein add 1 egg and 3 egg whites or ½ cup


This recipe is all veggie but if you prefer some cheese or meat add it into the mix!


Finish it off with some salsa, guacamole or do it like I did and have some avocado on toast and stack it like mini sandwiches.


The point is to have fun with your food and to enjoy what you eat!


My Wholeness takeaway to thrive in your life and body are:


  • Keep it simple – less is more
  • Keep it clean – the cleaner the easier on your body to digest
  • Keep is real – real foods support you, fake foods (no bueno)


If you want more recipes and videos like this, email and let me know!


What’s your favorite go-to breakfast? Are you an egg-lover too? 


I want to know and hear from you!


Come back to Wholeness Here each week with me to thrive in life in a body you love!





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