It’s not enough to just say you want to change.

You have to take inspired action. Change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s doesn’t happen because you say you want it to.

It’s about recommitting each day to your goals and to yourself. Doing it with conviction and excitement.

Change happens with repetition, it happens when we consistently choose ourselves.

There are concepts I teach my clients…

Date yourself: Get to know you! All of you, likes, dislikes, what makes you feel beautiful, what drives you, what excites you, what is missing that food is filling the void?

Be the Queen of Your Life: Dress like a queen – take pride in your appearance; Eat like a queen, not a pauper-Queens only eat high quality food, they order what they want with no apology; Live like a Queen – Radical self-care…baths, love, sex, joy, pleasure…this is a Queen and you are one!

Reconnect to Your Body: When something doesn’t feel good, question it. Listen to your inner guide. What are you really hungry for? Have fun being with you and allow to sit in the uncomfortable moments – those bring you freedom and bliss!

In today’s video I’m coming at you with my Jillian Michael’s esque coaching. Please hear what I am saying and watch the whole thing.

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