It’s Fridayyy and it’s time to shake things up! I have a feeling we have a lot more in common than you think

In honor of my birthday month, I’m sharing 41 Fun Facts and things you don’t know about me…


  1. I saved my own life by advocating for my health – I heard a voice that told me repeatedly to get my throat checked – I had no lumps, no illness no signs of anything, after 3 doctors told me I had nothing to worry about, I had thyroid cancer that was wanting to spread to my lymph system.
  2. I designed my prom dress and recently wore it to a wedding…22 years later and it was still in-style and fit! I think I have another career coming #MKDesigns
  3. I lived in Florence Italy and worked as a bartender while going to school there (Best advice, make the drinks extra strong and the right color and no-one will return them…so true!)
  4. My middle brother Brendan ( we’re Irish twins) and I lived together in NYC for 3 years #Bestroommateever and we backpacked across Europe together.
  5. I’ve been to 26 countries and counting and have a goal of 40 in the next 8 years.
  6. I’m half Italian, half Irish…this alone speaks volumes
  7. I’m a hypnotherapist, trauma healer and body intuitive #thingsyoumightnotknow
  8. I love roller coasters and amusement parks!
  9. During my experience with cancer I had a spiritual awakening that changed everything for me and brought me fully back to my faith.
  10. Have channeled – um, this was interesting to say the least, and very unexpected but the healing for my clients has been magical, so I’ve learned A LOT about this.
  11. Designed clothes, handbags, jewelry and did for the first 12 years of my career.
  12. I love stand up comedy and geek out watching it and once performed it live.
  13. I believe food is medicine and healed myself of lifelong asthma through removing dairy from my diet and never looked back.
  14. I love anything gold and rose gold. It’s all I wear…Lol.
  15. I easily could eat guac and dessert for dinner and call it a day.
  16. Hip Hop, Rap and R&B is what you will find me dancing too.
  17. I love to bargain shop and have a talent for getting great finds…LOVE Marshalls, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods – I could easily teach a course.
  18. I’m a Hallmark Movie junkie…especially at Christmas
  19. Tequila is my drink of choice and I’ve been known to give amazing intuitive readings after a few #tequilashaman
  20. Christmas is my favorite I start listening to xmas music in October. Yup I’m that girl
  21. I recently became a coffee drinker and am starting to scare myself with my love for Peet’s coffee…
  22. I’m a TEDx speaker
  23. I went on a an adventure trip to Brazil in the jungle by myself and didn’t have wifi for 12 days and LOVED it #heaven #lovebeingdisconnected
  24. Family is everything to me…everything
  25. I am the youngest of 3 and have two older brothers, Joe and Brendan that are awesome, my buds! #grateful
  26. I wrote an international best-selling book.
  27. I went to all-girls…wait there’s more, private, catholic school for 18 years!
  28. I was Spirit Club president in high school #waitwhatisthat #arewesurprised
  29. I secretly want to be a back up dancer for Beyonce (ok maybe not so secret)
  30. I eat ice cream, yogurt and anything soft with baby spoons…I’m sure there is something psychological there
  31. I’ve been journaling and writing poetry since I was 10 years old and read from stage.
  32. Kathryn is my middle name…#stagename
  33. I was labeled Class Clown in highschool…apparently I’m really funny
  34. I had an Eat, Pray Love moment, sold everything and left NYC after 14 years to move across the country with only 4 suitcases…talk about de-cluttering
  35. I froze my eggs and have to tell you, if you’re on the fence, do it. #worthit
  36. My parents have been together 50 years in November and met at age 14. #soulmates
  37. My nephew was just born on my birthday on April 18th! #bestpresentever
  38. I’m obsessed with audible and amazon. I don’t know how we existed before Prime or Apple for that matter.
  39. I grew up in Wilmington, DE…not NYC. #Delawareisastate How do people not know this?
  40. I starred in a short horror film 2 years ago called Bogi where I was terrorized by a clown #gripping
  41. I’m an aunt to 4 amazing little ones, and Godmother to 3. #beyondblessed

And now it’s your turn!

Share with me, what is 1 thing you don’t normally tell people or those closest to you might not even know?

It’s super fun and liberating to let others in!

Share with me here.

I can’t wait to get to know you better!


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