I’m just coming off a high from running my Body Bliss retreat this past weekend.

These women blew me away and rocked it!  I’ve had the pleasure of being their coach for 2 years now and it’s incredible to witness the transformation within them and to hear about the transformations in their lives…

Hearing how their spouses are showing up differently

The rekindled relationships

Deepening of intimacy

Self-love and positive self-talk

Grounded in self-worth

How they roll with life instead of life pulling them down

Honestly…I sat back quite impressed…thinking “Damn…we are doing some awesome things here!” (Yup…I’m bragging, celebrating myself and my ladies, exactly as I tell you to do!)

It’s amazing.  One of the gifts we gave them was a photo shoot.  Several women were brought to tears when they saw their own photo…saying “That’s not me…she’s beautiful”…I was like, um, yes it is and I’m so glad you met her and can see her!

The point of the photo shoot was for them to see themselves through the lens of others, without their critical eye and they were amazed and in awe of themselves and what they saw.

It was so beautiful! Ok, I’m crying now as I’m thinking about it…

I wanted to share this with you, because my desire is for you to see yourself as the beautiful vision that you are!

To come home to your wholeness.  The truth of who you are, before the dieting, the less than thoughts, the “I’m not enough” and feelings of being unworthy.  Whatever you were told or felt that had you separate from your truth.

It comes down to two simple questions…

1. Who do you believe you need to be in order to be loved? To be deserving of being seen and accepted, to be approved of?

Take time right now to write down this question and your answer.

You not accepting yourself or your body is because you believe that in order to “be enough, be seen and deserve love”, you need to look a certain way, have a certain amount of money, act a certain way and mark off your 1000 to-do’s on your endless to-do list.

Talk about setting yourself up for failure…

2. Who do you believe you need to be in order to be approved of, loved and accepted by yourself?

Take time to write this down because I guarantee you have a very long list.  Now from this list, how many of those are in alignment with who you actually are, what makes you happy and is sustainable given your lifestyle?

Do this exercise! I’d love to hear what you find in the comments below.  Trust me, do this, it will be a game changer!

Radiantly Yours,