Wow – there’s so much going on energetically right now. Wait, before you click off, stay with me. I’m sharing about energy, because as women we feel everything so deeply and often chalk any mood swings up to our hormones or call ourselves crazy…um, thank you society for that beautiful nod to all we women do in this

Have you ever felt something and not known why, or you’re feeling great and out of nowhere, you feel sad? This is energy, and you’re picking up on someone or something that has occurred – even if it has nothing to do with you directly.

You’re simply highly attuned to the world around you and it’s ever changing ways. They do impact us, the moon, eclipses, time of the month, and they will shift your mood and your motivation.

I know you’re wanting for so much and ready for big change

Well – it’s VERY exciting, even though it feels scary at times – the skin shedding feels a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

One of the things that really helps is having a mental pattern interpreter to make sure your thoughts aren’t veering into the negative or you’re not giving into the fear.

When I started in my journey, I used a simple affirmation, “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better” when I was feeling nervous or questioning whether I could become who I felt deep inside me and be free from food and all the vices that came with it.

When I hated on my body, I’d repeat: “I am more than enough, I love you, I love my body, I am perfect exactly as I am,” then…

I’d repeat a simple prayer I wrote…

Dear Lord,

May I love me as you love me

May I see me as you see me

May I love my body as you love my body


When weight loss happened for my friends and not for me, I’d say “Good things are happening for me too” and I’d “Thank you universe, for showing me what’s next for me and how close I am”.

I’m a BIG believer in affirmations to change your body, your relationship to yourself and your life, and this week I’ll be sharing more tips to support you.

The road to lasting weight loss, may feel long and filled with highs and lows, but when you do it with others, like we are here, you’re never alone and always supported. Most importantly, know YOU’RE DOING IT!

No more,.. “when I, if only I, should I”…

And I’m beyond excited that tomorrow we’re releasing something BRAND NEW – a FREE 3-Part Done With Dieting training series that will help you break free from dieting blocks, stay in action and get results. You’re going to feel so proud in 1 weeks time!

Keep a look out for an email from me tomorrow….

and finally – one of my favorite affirmation of all,

“It’s YOUR time, right now, you’re already in right action, your dreams are on their way to you and you’re being led.”

Radiantly Yours,


P.S Change is scary, but it’s coming at such the perfect time for us all, but it also doesn’t mean that we need to change all of us or work hard to become who we are meant to be, you’re already her. It’s about accepting her, seeing her and living into your dreams, allowing your true self to shine. It’s not going to require more than you can handle. We can do this together. In fact, we already are!

P.P.S. My ODE to You:

You are her, the woman in your dreams

The body you aspire to see

The woman you desire to be

The love you dream to feel

The heart you hope to heal

Allow her to be seen

Free from your ties

The lies in your head

Remove the blindfold from your eyes

You are her, the woman in your dreams