It’s so frustrating right? This concept of being perfect.

You know there is no perfect, I know you’ve heard me say this, but still no matter what you do, or how many goals you achieve, you still believe you don’t measure up.

It’s never enough…

You see pictures of yourself when you were 20 and you remember thinking you were fat, now you see the same picture and would do anything to look that way.

Who are you comparing yourself to now?

Hindsight’s 20/20, but what if we took it back? What if we could start over, right now, in this moment?

How much would you love to go back and tell your 20 something self the wisdom of what you know now?

I would tell myself…

Stop taking life so seriously

Have fun in everything you do – if you’re not, don’t do it

Go for your dreams – you truly have nothing to lose

Love hard – get your heart broken

Say yes to life and to all opportunities that excite and scare you (the good kind)

There are no “Should’s” – if you’re shouldering, it’s the wrong choice

Do only what lights you up

What would you tell yourself? I’d love to know – share over in the Done With Dieting Group here and tag me

Why not take that wisdom on, why not use your own life experience to help forge a new path for yourself?

We often look to others for guidance, but I’m a huge advocate that you know the answers you and guidance you need to hear that will catapult you towards your dreams…are you listening or are you judging?

As a coach, I work with my clients to develop their trust within themselves, their own intuitive gifts, to trust their bodies and to take guidance that feels aligned and like their truth and I hold them to their goals and their truths.

Are you giving yourself the credit you deserve and celebrating you and the life you live and lead each day or are you sitting in regret, comparison and allowing the concept of “perfection” to steal your joy for this moment, for who you are?

It’s the notion of perfection that caused us to not see the truth of who we are. It’s perfection and this mentality that drives the “all or nothing” dieter within us, it’s perfection that causes us to never feel enough, and that holds us in patterns of procrastination, judgment, fear and self-sabotage.

Do these 3 Steps to Rid Yourself of the “All or Nothing” Mentality:

1. Live in the Rainbow: Life is not black and white, it’s multicolored. That is where joy lies, balance, fun, spontaneity, pleasure and play…these are the elements of life that light us up, without them we are devoid of joy. When we’re devoid of joy we’ll rebel and seek out food for instant gratification.

“Remember…an unmet need will find a way to get its need met”

2. Remove Restriction: Restriction leads to rebellion. Humans cannot and do not thrive in restricted environments, we will act out and when you’ve been a dieter, you’ve been trained to act out with food.

3. Be in the Moment: When stuck in the “All or Nothing” mentality we are future tripping and bringing our past experiences with food into that moment. This mindset will cause you to repeat the very pattern that causes self-hate, overeating, binging and a self-sabotage spiral for 1 day-1 month or more.

You want to stay connected to you in that moment and talk yourself through, saying “It’s one cookie, this is just food, it does not define me or my happiness, I can align me choices at any time to those that serve me, I did not ruin anything. I am learning how to eat food without negative emotional meaning”.

Example for Future Tripping: I ate one cookie…”well there goes my diet…I was “good” all day and now I messed up, I might as well eat whatever I want the rest of today…I’ll “start over” tomorrow or Monday.

Example of Bringing the Past Into the Present: I ate one cookie…”I always do this, what’s wrong with me??? (recalling your previous experiences with binging, overeating and self-sabotage)

I so hope this was helpful for you!

I would really love to hear your guidance on what you would tell your 20 year old self, make sure to share it with me HERE

Your insight will not only help you but help others! You’re a wise one girl!

See you tomorrow on our Done With Dieting LIVE, where I’ll be diving deeper into breaking the “All or Nothing” mentality trap so you lose weight and keep it off without trying so hard and of course without dieting!

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Radiantly Yours,