If you feel the intensity going on right now, and you’re noticing your mind in a million directions, emotions on high and lots of things you want to do and get done…breathe.

It’s the Virgo moon and it’s all about creating organization.  What women in our day and age have forgotten is how much we are impacted by the moon’s energy.  

Now, before I go to “woo” on you, I’m sharing this because as women, most of us get frustrated when we are emotional, especially if we feel we don’t have just cause for it.What if the cause is simply that you are emotional because it’s a crazy week? 

This week marks my annual cancer scan. In fact, I am heading into the hospital in an hour to hang out in a tube for my full body scan, and then get to sit and hear the results and then wait to receive the blood work results the following week.

Talk about anxiety and sitting in uncertainty.  What was fascinating to me though, is how emotional I was all week and how parts of me didn’t want to allow it.

I wanted to keep it all together, to be strong, to not give into the rollercoaster of emotions that were taking over my body.  

Until I did.

I surrendered. I cried…a lot. I expressed. I released. I breathed. I accepted. I loved. I let go.

I have done this many times this week – had to let myself just be. AND NOT make myself wrong for any of it.

I firmly believe everything I go through I do, because we are all one, and what I learn and experience is meant to be shared to help you and vice versa. 

It’s time for us to love what is. To love ourselves in the mess – we are all messes.  And it’s beautiful. Fuck perfect. It’s a myth that holds us back from our unique gifts.

You might be sitting there thinking, well I don’t have a cancer scan, and I am still all over the place and feeling super emotional.

That’s ok.  So do I. So do we all. Sometimes more than others.

Instead of pushing our feelings away, staying busy to ignore them, numbing out with TV, alcohol, social media and/or food, what if we instead allowed ourselves to feel, to hear the messages from our sadness, anger, fear, frustration?

Those emotions have powerful messages for us! But you have to know them, be with them, ask them – “what do you need me to know?” 

What if we stopped shutting down, slowed down and chose to be present to what our bodies need? 

When we do this, we don’t need food for fulfillment or numbing, we don’t need to numb out with TV or social media, because we are connected to ourselves, we are in communion with our own needs and don’t need to look outside of ourselves to get them met.

I love you girl! Go have a good cry, scream, laugh your ass off and have an incredible holiday weekend!

You deserve it!

I hope this message speaks to you today and keep it close for when you need it most, it’s a beautiful reminder to love what is and who you are, all of you! 

Bless the mess, that’s where the beauty lies;)