sat in room yesterday with my business coach and our entire coaching group. This was a room filled with powerhouse entrepreneurs, mostly women, of all ages, taking a stand to follow their dreams and also show up big in life, despite their fears (we all have them and not just a few;).

You always hear me talk about playing big, shining bright, facing your fears, getting out of your own way.  Well, I’m going to be real here, nothing is more petrifying then being an entrepreneur. 

I am always pushing out of my comfort zone and stretching myself, doing things that are 1000% uncomfortable.  It is constant personal evolution.  I looked around this room, and every person who is very successful and seems to “have it all”, underneath is her scared little girl. 

The little girl that is dying to be loved and accepted. The little girl that is wanting to hide, afraid to take that next step, to stay committed to herself, to believe she is worthy, to go after her dreams, to believe in her vision for herself, her life, her body! 

It’s all intertwined and connected. Your body is indicative of how you are living your life.

As Tony Robbins says, we have what we are willing to tolerate. 

This is not about you not being given chances, or being believed in, or not having the talents, or the right body…

This is about you, NOW, choosing, to draw that line in the sand and say, YES TO YOU, yes, I deserve the body I want AND it will not feel hard, AND I will not struggle, AND it’s going to be fun, easy and actually exciting!

It’s your choice. 

Yesterday, I had to take a stand in front of my mentor and all of my piers to claim my mission, to state what I am doing in this world and how I am committed to showing up BIG.  

I had to fight to get the microphone and then take center stage and prove my commitment to my piers and only when I had done this, were they supposed to stand up.  The goal was to get a standing ovation.

I took that mic and with you in mind, I claimed my mission to help free women from dieting, to love themselves and their bodies and to know their worth so they can have their hearts desires and live a life they love. My body pulsed with emotion, as I spoke from my heart and stayed connected to my truth, to my voice, to my love for me and you and to the truth that I know, THAT DIETS DO NOT WORK.  Within minutes the room was standing.

My point in sharing this, is that I know you, I know you have big dreams, I know getting your ideal body is one of them and that will catapult you to the next level! There is amazing freedom that comes from no longer dieting, counting calories or weighing yourself daily – not having your worth or energy tied to the number on the scale or your weight.

If you want this, I have 1 spot open to coach privately with me in my Elite Coaching Program. 

One thing I know for sure, you don’t get to where you want to be doing it alone.  If you want your life and body to look and feel dramatically different, you can’t do it alone.  If you could, you wouldn’t be here.

Sign up to talk to me today.  Reply directly to me at  Tell me your top 3 goals you want to achieve for yourself and please provide your phone number or Skype address.

From there you will be sent an application and may get a call from me so we can see if it’s the right fit for you and me!

Isn’t it time you said yes to you? 

Hope to speak with you soon! Share your goals with me!

Make today magical!



Radiantly Yours,