I was brought on a journey to loving me, caring for me and living a life of deep gratitude when faced with the greatest fear of my life…not having one.

Man, what a year. You probably didn’t know I had all that go down…well, needless to say, I was sooo ready to kiss 2017 good-bye. Girl, you have no idea!

Cancer gives weight loss a whole other meaning – when you start to think of life or death, that number on the scale or your pants size no longer matters. Having your health and happiness does.

Waking up with energy, remembering things, feeling healthy…these become your daily gifts. This is where you place your energy and your gratitude.

Between cancer, identity theft, fraud, freezing my eggs (radioactive iodine doesn’t work well with fertility), being put on bed rest, being quarantined…(I can keep going but you get the picture) it was such a hard, lonely year, not from a lack of love, but from those experiences – they are very emotionally charged.

I went into fight or flight (without know it) and was in full survival, doing what I needed to do to get by. I took the term super woman to a whole other level without even realizing it.

2 surgeries within 4 months, freezing my eggs in between, bed rest, weight gain, insane brain fog…Girl, I left my keys in my door with my car running sooo many times….LOL, not ok!

Finally after having a bad reaction to the radioactive iodine treatment in September – I looked like an oompa loompa and couldn’t move for 3 days.

My body froze and said no more. My mind went blank. I had nothing left to give. The light was out in me and I collapsed.

This ideal of bouncing back and being the “old me” was clearly not happening. The “Old Me” was gone and was never coming back. This is a good thing.

We’re going deep here girl so get ready…

This past year – I serviced my private clients, ran both of my groups Weight Loss For Life and Body Bliss, ran MK Jumpstart Elite and the regular program, ran 4 retreats, did Done With Dieting 2…oh and I starred in my first feature film (so fun)!

Sounds crazy, but this was my process, I needed to keep going, because I feared if I stopped I would fall apart (I didn’t know this until reflecting afterwards – our bodies and minds are so set up for survival)

And FYI – I had a full on breakdown in the process.

With all of that, the most important piece that happened, was that I had the most challenging and most beautifully transformational year of my life.

I experienced a full spiritual awakening…(more on this to come;) where I finally came home to me.

See, I had lost pieces of myself without fully knowing it. I wasn’t living my best life, I wasn’t full living and wasn’t honoring me or showing you all of me.

Now here’s what’s crazy, I had cancer but my business still grew 35% AND I took more time for me than ever before.

So to all my controllers – letting go is a good thing, releasing control and expectations is an incredible gift that leads to freedom and flow.

The reason I’m sharing all of this with you, is because, I learned priceless lessons from this past year that you need to know.

I don’t want you to have to hit rock bottom, get cancer or have a breakdown so you can have the breakthrough that will lead to the life and body you know you’re meant for.

I chose to turn lemons into gold. I chose to take the worst year of my life and have it become the catalyst to my best years yet!

We all have “lemons”, they show up in various forms, but please hear me…

It’s not the experiences themselves that make us or break us, its the meaning we give to them.

I was forced to dive deeper than I’d ever known and to bring myself to a level of truth and vulnerability that I hadn’t been allowing because I feared being the real me, I feared being judged, I feared my greatness. I lost my truth, my voice, my belief within me to shine as me. To give myself permission for my dreams.

I play big but there’s a lot more I can and want to do and now I am 🙂

See, I was forced to let go of stories that didn’t serve me, to a past identity that was completely out of alignment but one I was subconsciously holding onto. I was pushed to take time, reflect, have such a deep level of compassion as my body, health, energy and weight fluctuated daily for the whole year and still now.

I learned vital lessons to living a life in full alignment, to being seen, being full self-expressed, living authentically, vibrantly and owning your truth, to the powers of divine connection and owning your worth, to being led, instead of leading, to allowing, instead of controlling, to honor me, all of me, everyday.

I want to share these lessons with you and I’m going to be sharing my story and the priceless lessons to truly thriving in life in a body you love in tomorrow’s Done With Dieting LIVE. Make sure not to miss it by joining here.

I hope you’ll join me, for my most vulnerable share ever – about my life and this past year and what I learned that I know, I experienced so I could share my story to help you!

Much Love,