Overeating is a way of punishing ourselves.

Sounds strange, but why would you deliberately put yourself in pain and discomfort over and over again?

Why would you eat foods that you know hurt you, cause you gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort?

We overeat, binge, eat foods we have allergies too because we choose food over choosing ourselves.

The result?

Excess weight, unhappiness, yo-yo dieting, deprivation and unhappiness with ourselves.

Food cannot replace human connection or love for oneself.  Everything you seek is there for you, waiting for you, but the more you eat, the more you block yourself.

Why is food more important than your happiness?

When you ask yourself this it sounds silly doesn’t it? Actually, say it out loud, it sounds ridiculous.

But, it’s what happens over and over again, no matter how much you want to lose weight or declare you’re done feeling this way.

So here’s what to do…

When you overeat, ask yourself, do you believe you need to be punished on some level? Do you believe you are deserving of feeling bad? That you need to struggle? That you are not good on some level?

Listen to the answer. (This is the hardest part…being still and going inward instead of numbing out or saying you’re too busy or have no time)

If you hear yes, take it a step further and ask yourself where this belief came from. Chances are it’s rooted to your childhood, where you felt like not enough and took ownership of this belief as your truth.

Well it’s not. Declare this truth to be done, say you’re done out-loud, you’re done with the pain, the dieting, the frustration. You’re ready for your ideal body and health. Ask for guidance from your body and from above to take you there.

There is a voice that is always guiding you toward your highest good, to the things that you want with ease, joy and grace. You are not meant to have to struggle to reach your goal weight or thrive in life. Stop, turn inward, ask for guidance and listen. 🙏🏻

Much Love to you!


Radiantly Yours,