I realized I haven’t told you much about my life or what I’ve been up to and how I manage to keep it all together…

The truth is, I don’t. But I’ll get to that.

I’ve been on 11 planes and 4 different time zones in the last 30 days…it’s been an awesome whirlwind and it’s also had its challenges, and the lessons I learned will be super helpful for you this time of year!

The point of this note is to share a little about my life and a few powerful tools and tips that I learned from my travels on best self-care practices, to staying or getting grounded no matter where you are, keeping your goals front of mind and how NOT to let yourself spin out of control, or go down the “I’m not enough, doing enough” comparison trap WE are all prone too, especially this time of year.

It all started with a visit from my parents. They came to stay with me for a week. Now, let me preface, I was in the middle of a big launch, was also putting on the online event Done With Dieting and was leaving to travel for the next 3 weeks straight along with a ton of other business projects.


We had an amazing time celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary and enjoying my new home in California! What stood out to me that I wanted to share, was how I was able to stay present, unstressed, take care of me while being highly productive during their visit. I’ll share this in the tips below!

From there I went to LA for work, then Maui for play.


Then Honolulu for work.

then back home to San Diego for a few days and then off to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.


And then back to San Diego and then off the Arizona…this is where Alice Cooper and Johny Depp come in (I’ll get to that in another blog 😉


In all of these travels and moving about, I learned these tips and skills that you can apply this holiday season:

Visualize Your Success: Mentally get yourself set up for success. The best way to do this is to visualize the experience you want to have, how you want to feel, be seen and show up. Let go of any expectations and fears. Go in with a positive mindset.

Have a Plan: I had meals planned, a light itinerary and ideas to keep my guest/parents busy while I was working, had healthy snacks on hand, made a point to get up earlier to take care of me, stayed true to my workout schedule and kept my self-care routine regardless of other’s and the best part was, in all of these travels, my company joined me in my early to bed hours, my workouts and didn’t interfere with my morning practice.


Ground In: right now, get clear on 1-3 practices are that keep you grounded in you and feeling centered. For me it’s a morning 20 minute meditation, my gratitude journal and moving my body. What are yours? Whatever they are, do them and do not skimp on this practice, it is by far the most important out of all these tips, because this will set you up for a winning mindset!

Get your sleep: It was so clear to me that I am operating on 50% of me when I skimp on sleep. I am more emotion, less grounded, cravings are high and I’m more negative. That is a recipe for disaster, which is why getting my sleep we I need to be “on” or will be around a ton of people is vital to my pleasure and to being my best self.

Food Prep: I had healthy meals and snacks for my family visiting and had them packed to take with me on my travels, so I wouldn’t be subject to plane food, hotel food, or having to have conference snacks. I was so grateful for my apples, cut veggies, no-bake protein bars, trail mix, protein packets and hard boiled eggs, all of which I prepared before I went on my traveling.

Stay hydrated: I brought my Hydroflask with me everywhere (insert link). Each day I made a point to fill it up and drink 3 liters per day and more if I was on planes. This not only kept my skin great, but my body detoxifying and helped with bloating, digestion and keeping regular bowel movements.


Clarity is Queen: Get clear on what you need to achieve that day and do those things. Make sure your list of “To-Do’s” are within reason – meaning, don’t have a list that you will never get to, not only does that feel awful but then you stay stuck and spin. Instead, really get clear on 3 main things you need to do that day to go to bed worry free.

Enlist Support: I know we all think we are superwomen and need to do it alone or have limiting belief that “only I” can do this right…that will not only make you crazy but leave you insanely stressed out and resentful of those in your life, especially if they seem relaxed and are enjoying, while you’re running around like a lunatic. Ask your family and friends for support, get a baby sitter, hire a helper, ask your spouse or kids for support. Take the pressure off you, and let people help you and take care of you the way you take care of everyone else.

What I want you to hear more than anything is, you create your experience, you are in control, you’re in the drivers seat. What do you want? How do you want to feel? What do you want your experience to be?

Use the tips above for a powerfully, positive, self-love filled holiday! These tips are great for any time of year, but especially now!

Did you find these helpful? What are your top 3 self-care practices that you’re committing to?

Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear and learn from you as well!


Radiantly Yours,


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