I heard a knock at 11am and standing in my doorway, was my neighbor whom I don’t know that well…she looked in shock and murmured from her mouth…

”I need you to save me, I’m scared”…

My body went cold and my mind started racing…she wrapped her arms around me and then I smelled it…her breathe wreaked of Vodka. Her eyes a blank stare, seeing through me, she could hardly stand.

Every time I’ve seen this woman she is in workout clothes, with her teenage daughter, happy and walking her two labs, but here she is, in my home, in the mid-morning, drunk and unable to speak and unable to stand.

I carried her in and sat her down and asked her what happened. She explained she’d been on a bender for 2 weeks, binge drinking all day and she came to me, because she needed to stop.

She broke down and began sobbing and fell in my arms again saying “Please, I don’t want to be a drunk, I need to stop, I want to stop…”

I asked her more questions – she’s been an alcoholic for most of her life and got sober 6 years ago and relapsed around the holidays.

I prayed and honestly, as much as my background supports these situations, I wasn’t sure the best next steps. I had her reach out to her sponsor, and took her to get showered because along with the smell of Vodka was vomit and it was all over her hair. I then found an AA meeting and took her there.

Fast forward…she’s been sober since that day. I pray for her and her daughter it stays that way.

She said an angel guided her to me and that me being home saved her life.

I am so grateful to have been home and guided to help her as I did.

I share this story with you because we are all always judging, creating stories – not based on truths but on fabrications we create, AND it’s easy to not be home (Metaphorically speaking)…meaning to not look up, connect, to not know your neighbors, be present to other people around you because you’re on your phone or don’t feel like it…

Notice where you judge others and create stories around someone else’s life versus your own. Notice where you choose to be disconnected and to not be present in life and the people in it.

We never know what someone else is going through. Had I not taken time to know her, she might not have come that day and may still be suffering or worse, dead.

There is immense power, peace and joy that comes in knowing there is Divine Guidance at play and that everything we experience is ALWAYS for our HIGHEST GOOD and our HIGHEST JOY.

When you see life through that lens, then everything in life feels magical.

Today, find your blessing in any mess. All messes (life experiences) have blessings, should you choose to see them.

And turn your judgement for another into love for them and for yourself, for everything is a mirror, and what you give out, comes right back.

Much Love & Many Blessings,


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