It’s Friday!

The weekend here, but I need to tell you this…it’s not an excuse to abandon you.

Meaning, leaving your healthy habits to only Monday-Friday.

I know life gets crazy.

I know it’s hard for you to find time for yourself, let alone workout…AND prep meals…I’ve read your emails;).

BUT, I also know you’re so sick of having your weight be your struggle, having it be the reason that keeps your from having fun, being seen, going out and living life!

But how many times have you, chosen to stay in, turn down an invitation to stay in and hide, which we both know, only makes you turn to eating more food. (Been there too many times to count!)

The very thing you keep telling yourself NOT to do.

Which is the exact reason why you’re doing it.

Does this make sense? Absolutely not, but this is how our crazy monkey mind works, and until you change your thinking, like I teach my clients and like I had to do myself, it’s important for you to push through your own limitations, to let go of your fears and say “Yes” to you, even when you don’t feel like it, even when it feels hard, even though you’re not at the weight you want to be…remember “act as it”.

So, my dear friend, on this Friday, make a plan now, to stay true to you! To live life and not hide, to eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full and have fun moving your body and being connected with you and people!

Use each weekend as an opportunity to “Date Yourself” instead of food.

I’d love to hear what you plan to do this weekend to “Date You” and have some fun! Post in the comments below or email me directly at

I hope this speaks to you on this Friday!


Radiantly Yours,


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