This message in today’s Weight Loss Wednesday is so important for me to share.

I don’t want you to wait until you get diagnosed with cancer or have some other illness, lose a loved one, get in an accident or something else to get the wake up call to love your life now, love you exactly as you are, and begin living the life you desire, right now!

I have a few questions for you to help you see if you’re present and loving the life you have, or struggling, focused on what’s wrong, while dreaming of a different future

Are you waiting to get permission to be you and live the life you’ve wanted to live? If so, who do you think you need this from?

Truth: The only permission you need is from yourself.

Really think about this, are there choices you’ve made in your life that you judge yourself harshly for?

Um…I was so guilty of this. I totally judged myself harshly for many things, which I share with you in today’s video. And it’s super cool when you identify these because then you will find if the judgments are from you or others in your life, projected onto you.

Are you living your life to the fullest and appreciating every moment of it, or are you focused on what you don’t have, what’s not working, why you’re not enough?

I don’t want you to have to wait for something big to happen in order to start living.

So take these questions with you and journal about them, sit with them, let them marinate and see what you find when writing, and immediate thoughts that come into your head. It will be so freeing!

From this point forward, let’s make a pact to live fully, love big and turn our dreams into our realities! No one is going to do it for us!

When we align with our dreams and are in inspired action, the universe takes hold and it happens with ease and in your favor!

Radiantly Yours,


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