Do you believe that in order to lose weight you need to stop eating out?

Have you noticed that even if you’ve had the best intentions and told yourself you won’t overeat, that when you do go out to eat, you end up over drinking and overeating, being left with a regret, in a food coma and feeling hungover the next day…which, then leads you to not workout and eat like crap for another 24 hours.

Yes, I’ve been there and so have many of my clients.

BUT, the truth is, eating out makes weight loss easy:

Quick Tips;

  1. Order Clean – sauces on the side, grilled, baked or sautéed – the cooking is done for you
  2. Order Lean – appetizer portions or ask for 1/2 portions, take 1/2 to go!

YES, let me repeat this, eating out can make weight loss easy.  It also, is gives you amazing insight into your mindset around weight loss, dieting and your relationship to food.  When you go out to eat, it will show you the gaps or mindset pitfalls that are keeping you from your ideal body and losing weight with ease.


Where do I place my focus, am I present to the people or focused on food?

Am I excited to go out to eat to order all of the things I never let myself have? (This is the mind of the dieter and this is what we want to eradicate)

Do I use nights out to overeat and over-consume because I was “good” all week or as a “reward” for all my “hard work?”

In today’s video, I share with you top strategies to help you enjoy eating out and still lose weight, while identifying your mindset gaps that are keeping you stuck in a pattern of overeating, instead of enjoying!

Watch below now! How to Eat Out without Overeating and Lose Weight 

In this video I taught you my top strategies and gave you immense insight into the gaps that are keeping the weight on you.

Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Have a plan before you go out to eat, set your intention of how you want to feel at the end of your meal, what you want to experience at dinner and around the food in front of you.
  2. Focus on the experience, the people and having fun instead of focusing on food.
  3. Limit your alcohol intake. Have your drinks before or after your meal, when dining is done. Drink water with your meal to aid in digestion.
  4. Stay hydrated throughout the evening to identify your hunger levels and satiation.
  5. You goal is to feel comfortably full, so order accordingly.

Again, your focus should be on staying connected to your body and having fun. Look for the pleasure outside of food instead of from the food. When you do this, your focus shifts and so does your appetite and experience.

Life is about living. Food can be enjoyed but it’s not the main show, you are and so are your life experiencing. Make them juicy and you won’t look to food to fill the voids or gaps.

Do the exercise in the video. Read these tips and enjoy eating out without overeating and still lose weight!

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Have a fabulous day!

Radiantly Yours,