I know the holidays are a stressful time of year, especially if you’ve been a dieter and are trying to be Done With Dieting!

I’ve been getting messages from women about fears of weight gain, how to handle food pushers, not overeat, stay aligned with their goals with questions of how to deal with emotional eating triggers that come with the territory.

So I have two gifts for you, along with the tips below to ensure you are set up to have a healthy, happy and fun-filled holiday!

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1) Click here to listen to “How To Keep Your Figure Without Losing the Fun This Holiday Season.”  In this class Get my Top Strategies to :

  • Not overeat, plain and simple. The only thing stuffed, will be the turkey!
  • Master family and holiday stress, so your emotions don’t have you overeating, and sneaking extras in the corner.  (I’ve done this…)
  • Stay connected to your body and trust your food choices!
  • Know what to kick and what to pick!

2) Click here to get my MK Thanksgiving Kick It, Pick It Guide!

Learn what to kick and what to pick for optional health while keeping your body and health goals in check this holiday.  It’s a great educational tool as well for you and your family.

Last but not least, check out my Top 15 Tips below:

Healthy Eating Tips to Look and Feel Your Best This Holiday Season

  1. Have a plan – don’t go in starving. (I’m giving you one here;)
  2. Stay hydrated – often times we mistake thirst for hunger.  Water also help you to register how full you are and gives you breaks between bites.
  3. Wear fitted clothes – this keeps you connected to body and conscious of your belly.
  4. Plan activities – workout in the morning before the festivities to help keep you aligned with your personal goals.  Plan fun activities with your friends and family.  Get everyone involved in moving more on this day!
  5. Stay out of the kitchen – if you have to be in the kitchen to cook and help, keep grazing to a minimum.  Wait to sit down and truly enjoy your food.
  6. Fill up on the good stuff – Eat your salad and veggies first.
  7. Scan the food – only put on your plate foods you are excited to eat and enjoy them! There is no point in eating food only to beat yourself up.
  8. Portions – you can always go back for 2nd.  Take small amounts and check in with yourself so you don’t overeat.
  9. Ask yourself  – how do I want to feel at the end of this meal, at the end of this day? Is that second piece of “X” worth tight pants and feeling overly full?
  10. Desserts – if it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No! I love this because you should really love the dessert you are having.  Be present, take your time with it and enjoy it!
  11. Hunger levels – pay attention to your hunger cues, stop when your full and wait to eat until you feel hungry.
  12. Get sleep the night before – when we’re exhausted and enter food centered holidays and events, our hormones are all over the place, we never feel full, are overly emotional and our bodies are craving energy, so it wants carbs and sugar, hence the undeniable sugar craving…argh!
  13. The word “NO” – Please don’t go into the situation putting limitations on your food – your subconscious does not understand the word “No” so when you say you won’t eat 2 pieces of pumpkin pie-guess what your mind is saying “EAT 2 pieces of pie” and that is on repeat!
  14. Mantras – give yourself love! Gratitude needs to start with you, first and foremost and your body is the best place to start because it’s the only one you have and does whatever you ask it to…and we place some pretty harsh demands and words on ourselves.  I love myself, I love my body, I am grateful for all you do.
  15. Have fun! This is a holiday; be present, enjoy, smile, laugh, love and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life, especially you!

Well that about covers it!  HAHA

Sending you so much love and immense gratitude this holiday and always!


Radiantly Yours,