I know you love tips and simple action steps! Well this Weight Loss Wednesday I have something special for you, you’re going to love!

I know you hear me always talking about making healthy living and eating a “lifestyle” but how do you do this when you’re super busy and it doesn’t come as 2nd nature to you, but when it actually feels like work? 

You need practical tips and action steps to make it easy and for it to stick. 

This is exactly what I shared when I joined my friend (who you met on Done With Dieting…he’s awesome!) Dave on his Make Your Body Work podcast last week. We got right down to the actual steps you can take, to turn your healthy intentions, dreams and desire for losing weight and living a truly fit and healthy life into a lifestyle you will not only love but can attain!  

It’s all about taking control and taking action. Listen to my interview here:


Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you found it helpful in the comments below! 

Radiantly Yours,