“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Elliot

It’s never too late to become who we really are.

It’s incredibly easy to resign to your life, to your body, to get caught in the chaos of life in general or in the sadness that can come upon us, the hopelessness one can feel around losing weight or changing careers, healing a marriage or wanting for love…these can all feel like giant feats.

Instead, try surrendering to “what is”.

I challenge you to choose “what you want” to choose the life, body, the love that you deep down believe you deserve and crave at your core.

Do not settle. It’s scary, it can feel hard, but no more difficult than the feeling of watching your dreams fade or your body continue to gain weight or your life to pass you by without feeling as though you are living it but instead observing it.

Today, draw a line in the sand. Own the story you want to live into, the persona of who you want to be. Embrace the life you want to live and do so with the conviction that it will, in fact, be yours and then, trust it’s coming, it’s happening.

Inspired by the words of Marianne Williamson, believe in miracles and let God, source (whatever your beliefs) do the work.

We cannot see what we have yet to achieve, all we can do is believe and trust that the desire alone means it’s meant for us and is in manifest form. Do this practice each day, throughout your day until you embody that persona and come from a miracle mindset based on love, not fear and on the desire not complacency.