Let’s talk shall we?

Expectations, are a b*tch…

Yes, I said it. They set you up for constant disappointment.

How often have you been so excited about a date, a trip, an event or about catching up with old friends, a birthday…(I can keep going here), only to find that when the day comes, you’re let down?

It’s not at all what you expected…

This is because, often without even realizing it, we set subconscious expectations on ourselves, everyone around us, and on what we “think” the experience will be.

Leaving us disappointed, sad, frustrated and often in a negative state, leading us right back to our trusty friend, food, who will lift our spirits, at least momentarily.

This is especially true for my perfectionists…the pressure you put on yourself and others to be “perfect”, you are 90% of the time let down.

Basically, you’re attached to an outcome. One that you created from having high expectations that you place on yourself and every aspect of your life.

These innocent expectations end up being our drivers for action and also the demise of our weight loss.

Now is the time to Overcome Your Expectations, especially going into this holiday season.

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