It’s that time!

Every year, when September hits, I feel like it’s back to school for me too.

I sit and pull out my vision board, set my goals and look at my desires. It’s like a new start to the year.

I feel a surge of motivation to get moving on projects and take action.

Do you do this too? It’s like we’re going back to school with the kids…haha. Grab your LL Bean backpack (haha, I’m so old, you could have tipped me over, mine was so full).

The question is how do we harness this feeling so we stay committed and follow through on the goals we set for ourselves?

In today’s video, I have 4 Tips to Keep You In Action, so those goals get marked off your list and don’t carry over into the New Year!

So now it’s your turn. Do you become a giddy school girl this time of year, amped up to put your goals into action?

If so, post your goals in the comments below and I’ll share mine with you as well! Also – please tell me you had a giant double zipper LL Bean backpack that housed your ginormous texts books? Am I the only one???