Memorial Day is here! So now, the big question is…

“How do I stay on track with my goals, not feel deprived AND enjoy myself, without feeling cray-cray around food?”

Don’t you worry girlie, because I’ve got you covered with my top go-to moves, mindset tricks and planning tips, to keep you feeling fit, your tummy flat and your mind positive so that you feel good come Monday!

Memorial Day Hit List: 

  1. You have to have a plan: Yes you know this, but I’m serious about you doing this 🙂 You can’t expect to be successful and not make your goals top of mind. Here are a few tips of what I do when I am going away:
    • Pack your workouts clothes (ALWAYS)
    • Check out workouts before you get there and plan them, whether it’s going for runs, taking yoga, walking the beach or riding bikes…set a time, tell you friends or family (get them involved if you can) and commit.
    • Get YOUR groceries when you arrive or before you go – these are the foods you love and know you need to have on hand.
    • Always pack fruit, raw nuts, protein bars (if you have to) and portable food so you’re never left starving.
  1. Workouts are non-negotiable: This is your lifestyle, this is who you are, don’t compromise one bit to accommodate other people. If you want lasting weight loss, own the woman that is fit, healthy and motivated!
  1. Prioritize yourself: This encompasses 1-10 on the hit list. You have to make yourself a priority. No one will do it for you, and when you don’t, you regret it. It’s doesn’t feel good to not follow through on your goals or show up fully for you.
  1. Bring a dish or whole bag: Often times I hear “I felt bad bringing my own food, or turning down dessert, or there was nothing there that was healthy so I ended up eating chips and fried food” Here’s my tough love, this is an excuse. You do not have to eat anything you don’t want to. Bring your own dish – create a healthy dish that you love. This ensures that you are covered! Also – a host LOVES when they get help! For the food pushers – tell them you are no longer eating “x” or that you are full and would love to try it later
  1. Own your new persona – stand in your power: I always tell my clients, they are not the same woman that signed up with me. They are not the same woman they were yesterday. Remind yourself of the woman you are, the woman you desire to be. Own this vision, own your goals and stand in your power! This is you, now! 
  1. Set yourself up for success: You do this by following this hit list 😉 This is not about depriving, it’s about what are you gaining. Ask yourself, how do I want to feel when the weekend is over? Stay connected with that feeling and vision for yourself and then make your decisions accordingly.
  1. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and of your commitment to you: Often times we go away and our minds go on “vacation mode”.  It’s one thing to leave work at the office, but your personal goals, losing weight and feeling good, that’s you and life will always have you traveling. The more you live in this way of being, the less it feels like something you are sacrificing or like work. It is who you are.
  1. Stay connected to yourself and your body: Journal each day and every day. I bring a journal with me everywhere to record my thoughts and free my mind of anything I want to release or celebrate. 
  1. Be present: Don’t over think this, be present and enjoy your holiday. Do things for you and most of all take in the love and joy that surrounds you.
  1. Don’t stress it! The more you fixate on food and weight loss the more it feels like a struggle and is daunting. That is when you will self sabotage and begin feeling deprived. Instead, let it go.
  1. Don’t make anything off limits: Your subconscious mind does not understand the words NO or NOT, so when you say “I will not eat chips” your mind hears… “I will eat chips”. Instead make choices based on your goals and own them, feel empowered by them.
  1. Set a daily intention: Ex: My intention today is to have fun, honor my body and go to bed feeling proud of my choices. Set an intention and repeat it in the morning and throughout your day.

Don’t get overwhelmed by this list. Read it and take on 3 points that speak to you. This is not about being perfect, this is about learning how to create a lifestyle where you thrive, lose weight and feel freaking amazing!

Did you find this helpful? Please leave comments below and let me know if you have any questions or what points spoke to you the most!

The more I hear back from you, the more I know what you need!

Have an amazing Memorial Day weekend gorgeous!


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