So last week was my birthday. I kept it pretty hush hush this year, not because I’m upset about my age or anything but simply because I was so busy and it felt like it came out of no where…wasn’t it just Christmas?

Almost a year ago, I made a pact with myself that I was going to Cabo for my birthday so I made it happen. This vacation, or really 4 day getaway was long overdue and so needed.

I actually did a full cyber detox…no phone, email, Facebook, nothing and it felt so good!

While away, I was reminded of why it’s essential to take a break from life, from routine to just be AND how this actually helps you to lose weight and get reconnected with your body.

Check out 6 Life Lessons Learned from Cabo:

  1. Get out of routine to break your fitness, food and weight loss rut: If you’re obsessing over everything you eat, have your workouts dialed in to a “T” and won’t miss one, are counting every calorie, macro and time of day you eat, frustrated with your results, then it’s time to take a break before you burnout. This is when self-sabotage will kick in and you will binge or find yourself back at your beginning weight within a few months.
  2. Add variety: Our bodies need to have variety not just in forms of fitness, food, but in life. When was the last time you mixed things up? Added a random play day or did something spontaneous…not on your schedule? We need spontaneity to feel inspired and be creative, to thrive in life.
  3. Girl-time is a goldmine: When was the last time you went out with the girls? Called your best friend? Just laughed and watched chick flicks with your besties? We need sisterhood. As we get older, our worlds get smaller. We need our ladies and our girl-time to replenish our souls and just be girls.
  4. Water does wonders: Being in the water, near the water, hearing it, seeing it, is healing. The ocean and beach, nature in general, we need more of it. When was the last time you weren’t in your office and were able to breathe in fresh air, listen and observe this incredible world we live in? This is needed for your body, your smile, your happiness.
  5. Live in the grey: This is one of the hardest things I had to learn and I teach it to my clients who are perfectionists especially – stop with the all or nothing mentality. In order to enjoy life you have to be flexible, you have to learn to live in the grey, release control. For example: I am diligent with my supplements and I’m a planner, however I didn’t always know where the day would take us and there were times I wasn’t able to follow my normal plan or eat the way I like to, but I didn’t freak out or starve myself, I adapted, I went with the flow and my body was fine…in fact it felt better than fine. Because I wasn’t a stress case, anxious or freaking out about it. I trusted my body to work for me and I trust my choices. Do you?
  6. It’s never a good time: There will never be a good time to take a vacation. Something will always come up, you will question work, family, money, but if you love you and want to break free from dieting, that happens when you start living.

Freedom from food comes from fun, pleasure, joy, sex, love, not food. Not killing it in the gym, not from restriction, obsession, or hating on yourself.

Lasting weight, what I teach in my group programs and with my privates, this comes from trusting your body, trusting yourself, loving who you are and living life.

So I ask you – If you died tomorrow, would you really say, “I wish I worked harder, dieted more, worked out longer today?”

Would you be happy that you put off living life until you lost weight…not wearing clothes you feel beautiful in, or put off being intimate with your partner, weren’t laughing, going for your dreams flirting, smiling, taking trips…not doing these things until you lose weight?

I hope the answer’s no. You deserve more, you deserve to be seen and live big!

My birthday challenge for you:

Plan your next vacation and tell everyone you know so you have to follow through. It can be a weekend trip or a few weeks, just make sure you do it.

Share below in the comments where you plan to go and I’ll hold you to it!

I’d love to know what you thought of this weeks blog, please share with me in the comments below your trip plans and your thoughts. Did it hit home for you or do you not relate?

Keep me posted gorgeous, I’m here to serve you!


Cabo     13043774_10153814878692851_2370276686548460711_n

P.S. 2 pics from my trip – that’s me and my friend Tara, friends for 20 years…crazy! And Cabo, in case you’ve never been:)