Close your eyes…

Think about what it is you are wanting.

Then allow your mind to answer with visuals, words or feelings.

Follow this by asking yourself, what is getting in the way?

Now listen.

What was your answer?

My answer in the past was always me.  I was getting in the way of my own happiness. 

Many of the woman that come to me are ready to lose weight but feel hopeless and frustrated, having tried so many diets in the past and feeling like they failed, not trusting themselves or their bodies.

When we dive into the coaching, there are much deeper pains they have tied to food and themselves or the lack they see within themselves, where food has filled many voids and years of pain. But with this comes a large veil of blame that has replaced all realms of self-acceptance.

Where are you blaming yourself and not accepting yourself?

Vulnerability and self-acceptance (both gateways to love) go hand-in-hand.

You can’t truly be authentic and vulnerable when you aren’t in full acceptance of who you are and able to take a stand for the things you want and your beliefs.

Here’s the crazy part, the more we aren’t accepting of ourselves, the further we disconnect from our true essence, blocking us from our ability to speak our truth, be in touch with our desires and have clarity around our dreams.

So why is this important for losing weight, getting your ideal body and living an epic life?

Because the longer you strive from a place of disconnection, from perfection, from controlling the outcome (ex: dieting), from blaming and making yourself wrong, the further you are from loving you and achieving the dreams you have for yourself.

I know you’re ready to lose weight, you want to be done dieting, no more binges and feel great in your body.  But I’m asking you, are you trying to control the outcome or enjoying, loving and letting go?

If you’re stuck controlling, i.e. dieting, this comes from fear.  Fear that without the restriction you can’t control yourself around food. That without a diet plan, you’ll gain weight, that unless you’re depriving, you can’t lose weight.

These are all stories from your past and not truth, based on failed diets. Diets that were never created for sustainable weight loss.

99% of dieters gain the weight back within 1 year…there is a reason for this, they do not work.

Is your mind obsessing over calories in versus calories out, stepping on the scale and monitoring your meals? Is your self-worth tied to your weight, your workouts, your food intake for the day?

Those are all very telling signs for where you are in the self-love, full-acceptance, ability to be authentically you and fully vulnerable journey that will free you to live the incredible life you desire in a gorgeous body that feels amazing for you!

Now, take time to look in the mirror.  Are you seeing you, the real you and taking her in, in all her beauty? Are you even able to see her and smile or is that too difficult? Are you dressing up and feeling fabulous today, or waiting for when you lose weight?

These are simple actions, but things that, when done, will shift your view and relationship to you.  This will release the weight because you will form a relationship that will foster you honoring your body, not defeating it.

I know the perfectionist and rebel that resides in you. The controlling mind, hell bent on an outcome and in fear of letting go to this notion of not being on a diet, of accepting you exactly as you are in this moment. 

There are always stories we have running in the background for why we can’t, shouldn’t, won’t do “X”, especially when we aren’t happy with what we see or we’ve built a negative persona around ourselves.

Practice being you.  Seeing you.  Loving you. 

Speak your truth. Embrace your essence and allow.

For only love can come to you when you are living in love with you.

Much love,