Who you surround yourself with makes all the difference in your life and how you show up.  Did you notice when you’re with happy people, you feel more happy, when you’re around successful people, you show up in a bigger way. When you’re around negative people, (depending on where you are) you will feel more negative or even be brought into their drama and your level of happiness, productivity goes down, quickly…

The past 4 days I was surrounded by some of the most powerful, knowledgeable and influential people in the health and wellness industry.  They take the term, work hard, play hard, to a whole other level, in an awesome way! The best part, they are having a blast and giving back in a huge way!

We were swapping notes and sharing ideas and it was amazing!

Here are a few pictures with my friends from this weekend with many people you may know and follow 🙂



I learned a few key things about those that are uber successful and happy that I wanted to share with you:

1. Mindset is everything: The only difference between those that have achieved success and those still striving for it, is directly linked to their mindset. Do you believe what you want is possible? If not, what are you doing to correct your mind? This is where visualization comes in.

2. Clarity is king: Stay committed to your goal and don’t let shiny object syndrome i.e. fad diets or quick fixes detract you from your goal, commitments and strategy to get you there. Clear, committed, focus is your best friend.  If you’re unsure, sit and take time to write out what it is you want and that future vision for yourself.

3. Learn from the masters: I have spend the past 15 years surrounding myself with and coaching with people that have mastered skills I am working on, achieved goals I am striving for and those that have created lives I admire, filled with love, abundance and changing the world by healing others.  You learn by having great teachers which is why I believe in coaching and am a coach.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people: Who you surround yourself with matters.  Take notice of those that bring you down, having nothing nice to say or aren’t there for you and those that make friendship feel effortless, you feel good around them and happy.  Put more time into those relationships and move away from those that no longer serve you.  

5. Stay grounded and connected to you: The comparison game is a nasty one but it happens often and easily when we don’t stay grounded within ourselves. The best way to do this is to reinforce your fabulousness through celebrations, in your meditation, in gratitude and prayers.  Remind yourself of who you are and how blessed you are.  This is about reinforcing your self-worth to you.

These 5 lessons apply to everyday life and how you choose to show up makes all the difference.

Make today magical and show up big!

Radiantly Yours,