The craziest thing happened to me that I did not feel equipped for…

My neighbor, whom I’ve only spoken to a few times, showed up at my door at 11am.

I had just got off with some of my team in the UK, and was about to get on with a client, and I heard a knock at my door. My neighbor, this woman whom I always see walking her 2 pugs and always in the cutest fitness clothes. All I know about her is she has a teenage daughter, works from home, is a single mom and is in really good shape. And I know she’s in her fifties.

Well, last Wednesday, there she was standing before me in tears.

She said, I need your help. Please help me and wrapped her arms around me and fell into me.

I thought something happened to her daughter or one of her adorable dogs but as she spoke I smelled alcohol on her breathe.

She then said, I’m an alcoholic and have been on a binge for over a week and I want to stop, I need to stop.

Something to that vein…

Now, I have a lot of skills, but addiction from alcohol, I do not know the proper protocol.

There was a lot that transpired that day that would take many more pages, but in the end I got her in touch with her sponsor and got her to a meeting. I can only pray she is back on track.

I always ask God, what is his purpose in having these experiences happen to me. And, what I know is this and I wanted to share it.

We never know what someone else is really going though, ever. Judge all you want, fantasize, assume, but you’ll never really know.

Always meet others and yourself with love, see the love within, not the darkness. We are all one.

How often have you assumed someone has this incredible life only to find it’s not incredible? Now turn to your own life, and see the gifts and embrace it all with gratitude – name, you’re blessed.

This holiday season, extend a hand, give when you want to turn away, even when you have nothing left to give, meaning, even when you’re super tired, if someone needs you, be there – you never know the true impact of your presence, but trust me, it’s powerful and priceless.

Recognize your judgments, those you place on others and most of all, know that when you judge others, the judgment you place on yourself is tenfold. Now, turn that judgment, into acceptance.

I hope this letter speaks to you. May we all reside in the holiday spirit and be the gift of love for one another!

Much Love to You & Yours,