What is it you really want?

I used to ask the question, “what is it you’re really hungry for?”, but the conversation has shifted, because underneath the weight, the hunger, the dieting, is a desire.

A deep longing to be accepted, loved and fully expressed.

A desire to be heard, to love big, to be seen, to create, to feel…deeply, most of all to be happy. To know peace in your life, body, mind, in your soul.

Heather, it is not, and has never been about the weight.

The weight has manifested as physical weight, but it’s actually unhealed emotional weight and a disallowance of self, of joy and knowing you are more than enough and deserving of all the love and beauty life has to offer!

I had the gift of leading one of our Weight Loss For Life LIVE retreats this past weekend. There was a tangible shift, each women looked and felt completely different in 3 Days time…that’s no more than 72 hours later.

Look at these gorgeous QUEENS! I love them all so much and this is only ¼ of our group. All of the women in WL4L are incredible. #blessed


3 Days later, they were all smiles, feeling lighter, free, inspired and most of all excited by life and more connected and at peace in their bodies.

So what helped these women? How did everything shift for them so quickly?

Well, one, retreats are a fast track to transformation. You are in a sacred, healing container that fosters growth and removes the ego, where you are guided, pushed and held to a greater standard of self than you’ve known. And you are in an unconditionally loving, all accepting community of women like you, who are there to support you every step of the way.

There are 5 main take-aways to help you identify what it is you really want and to experience great change in your life. The key, you have to do them 😉

  1. No Change, No Change: In order for a different result you have to change what you’ve been doing. That does not mean, try a different diet, it means to take a completely different course of action, like these women in WL4L have – they gave up dieting and have never been happier, more hopeful or felt more whole.
  2. Get Out of Isolation and Into Connection: Isolation is the way of the dieter, the controller. Isolation breeds binging and overeating. It enables addiction. Connection is the antithesis. Would you overeat with others? Commit to connection and be aware of your isolation. In what ways do you isolate and find your strength in that?
  3. Trust Yourself through Faith: Having a belief in something greater than you and investing your time into fostering that relationship, is what will give you the faith within yourself and your choices. Without it you will always be striving for control and dieting. Dieting is an act of control not faith.
  4. You Choose: Each day you to be happy, to love you, how you want to show up, eat, think and move. There are no victims here, you get to choose you and happiness each day, every day, all day.
  5. Have Compassion for Your Little Girl: If dieting is all you know, it’s your survival and every time you diet, you threaten your own survival. That is how it feels to you. Which is why you will sabotage your success. Instead, it’s important to understand this and speak to the pieces of you that are petrified to let go, to find freedom no matter how much you think you want it, so much of you is afraid and doesn’t know this new way of being. Meet yourself with love, explain to those pieces of you that are afraid why you want this and can do. You inner child, your little girl, needs to know she is safe and loved.

Heather, what is it you really want? I know you may think it’s to lose weight, but weight loss will not make you happy. What is the feeling you really want?

The women at the retreat, once we really got down to it wanted…

Joy, peace, to feel sexy, to be happy, to travel, to shine in life…etc.

None of these have to do with weight. These are feelings! They are not found in a bag of chips, they are found through living and loving!

Weight loss comes from living life, not from hiding behind our fear of living.

What ways can you step out of isolation and into connection?

What ways can you choose to do things differently, even if uncomfortable or afraid at first?

What ways can you say YES to life and choose you?

I can’t wait to hear!

Make sure to share with me in our Done With Dieting Group!


Much Love,