And what does this have to do with weight?

This week there was a theme among my clients around their purpose, which is natural going into a New Year, because we’re coming out of reflecting on the past and getting clear on the things we desire in 2016.

So what does your life’s purpose have to do with your weight?

You know that nagging inside of you that you are meant to do something more, something greater in your life? That unsettled feeling brewing within…

Yes, that feeling.

It’s there for a reason.

Either you’re standing in fear instead of taking action or you’re choosing food to escape the nagging feeling to stuff the anxiety and fear.

I’m not saying you need to quit your job and search for your meaning in life, but instead find joy and peace within your life, within your body.

We all have many purposes here on Earth, and they don’t have to be based around our careers, but to be of service, to connect with others, to be mothers, lovers, teachers.

You have a purpose and are fulfilling it in many ways in your life.

Find peace within. Take note of the areas where you are naturally gifted and putting those gifts to use daily, because you are.

If you are not fulfilled from your life, notice where you are relying on food for pleasure, for an escape.

Is food your midday high or late night company?

Are you finishing one meal only counting the minutes until your next one?

If so, ask yourself, “Where in your life do you need more fun, love and joy, just for you?”

I want you to be selfish here, yes, this means think only about yourself and your needs (Ladies, I know this can be hard:)

Your purpose in life is to be happy.

If you aren’t happy and you believe it’s because of your weight, I have news for you, it’s not.

Find your happy. Hint, it’s not the number on the scale and doesn’t come from the refrigerator.

It comes from you loving you and accepting you and your body, outside of the scale.

When you let go of this deep belief that you have to lose weight to be happy, to be enough, to deserve…this is when you will find peace and food freedom.

Ironically, this is when you will lose the weight and get the body you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you ready to let go and find inner peace and happiness with you?

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