I woke up anxious and had this yucky, unsettled nervous energy which would not go away.   In the past, I would binge on sweets for days and sometimes weeks afterward, gain weight, lose confidence, go on a diet, and repeat the process.  I was on this terrible treadmill for decades.  But today, because of my work with Melissa, I took a totally different path.  I took several slow deep breaths, went inside myself and scanned my body asking what this is about.  After a while, it came to me.  I was comparing myself to others and felt I was not good enough. I was putting myself down thinking I had to be different and be someone I am not.  So I told myself uplifting phrases to build myself up and I pictured a bright, golden light coming down through the top of my head encompassing my entire body.  Eventually the nervous energy completely left my body.  I felt awesome afterward and am elated I now have a successful method of handling these unsettled feelings when they arise so I don’t go down the binge eating path ever again!  Melissa is an awe-inspiring transformational coach that has changed my life in so many ways.  My binge eating issue is just one example of what I have been able to conquer with her help!” – Jill, H.

I’m sharing these words with you, because this came from one of my Elite Coaching clients, who hired me for weight loss and in the past 7 months, we’ve conquered her lifelong battle, reignited her marriage, have her pursuing her passion and healing relationships with her family and within herself. 

While you read her comments, were you thinking, “Is she me? I do this, I’ve done this and I feel this way?” I did. 

I pulled up her email and began reading, not having known exactly what I’d opened,  and immediately thought, “Did this woman read my old journal?”  I thought I wrote it when I read the first 2 lines.

My point is, you are not alone and there is a way out, a way to heal, to lose weight EFFORTLESSLY, and fall in love with you and your life, for possibly the first time, and become the woman you know lives within you. 

So let me share with you what I taught her, so you too can reap the benefits and learn to take control of your mind and your emotions so you don’t sabotage yourself and get stuck in the same vicious cycle. 

You have an opportunity to speak with me on Monday, YES, this holiday weekend, I cleared Monday to be of service to you.  I will take as many calls as I can in one day, so if you want help, I’m here!

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It’s time to reconnect to you, to find your voice and start having a blast in your life and body! This is the only one you’ve got, let’s make the rest of this trip i.e. your life, incredible!


Hope to speak with you soon!

Have a fabulous day,

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