This was the hardest thing I had to overcome. It might seem to simple-but I had lost my way.

The hardest thing for me was actually being myself FULLY. Being me, being real and not hiding who I am or how I really feel, is not always easy. But it feels so much better than hiding or pretending to be someone other than me.

There are many themes that swirl about for me each week between my clients, my groups and my own life. It’s interesting how they all intertwine and reflect beautifully upon the other.

One theme that has come up is vulnerability and acceptance.

A Course in Miracles states that there are only two emotions in life, love and fear. If we are living in love, we are speaking kind words, thinking only loving thoughts, and following our hearts desires.

There are no “should’s, what if’s” or negative self-talk when we are connected to our higher self – the voice of love, source, the universe.

When we come from love we speak our truth, we stay true to ourselves, we are vulnerable and allow ourselves to be seen, to live life fully and embrace all facets of our being with love and a positive light.

This comes from full self-acceptance.

Do you accept yourself and your body exactly as you are right now?
Are you waiting to love you, be kind to you, treat you well and live your life the way you desire, for when the weight comes off?

What is the measure you have for your own self-worth? Who do you need to be to love you and be fully you? Ask yourself this and take a moment now and write this down.

Because the truth is (I’ve learned this many times the hard way), the only thing you can control is your own mind – your thoughts, your own perception of reality.

You can’t control the future or the past, and when you live in the past or in the future you’re not living in the present. You are living in fear.

When we live in fear, the simplest way to know that are living in fear, is because it doesn’t feel good. It’s hard, a struggle, it makes you feel sad more than good, you are anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and overall negative toward yourself and the situation.

Living in fear, is coming from lack of self, and a deep disconnection to your inner spirit, your soul, your inner goddess, the woman you know that lives inside of you, yet you fear her coming out.

Because she’s unknown to others, and you fear, what if she isn’t liked, accepted or you fear you’ll be left still struggling.

But the truth is the comfort you feel in staying hidden is painful. More painful than the risk of being seen and embracing all pieces of you and seeing your life and body as a gift – embracing all situations as positive.

Fear will swallow you whole and leave you far from self-acceptance and love, and instead leave you feeling despair, disconnection and disempowered in life.

I want to challenge you to be seen today, through this week and until we meet again next week.

Be bold. Say what’s on your mind, share your thoughts, give yourself love, share of yourself authentically and genuinely, under the guise that you are already loved and accepted and no one can take that from you.

Put your heart on your sleeve, be vulnerable as often as you can, it will feel uncomfortable and heart-opening all at the same time.

You will feel alive! This is what I want for you. To feel alive and excited even if it scares you, to express yourself and boldly state your needs and ask or them to be met, first and foremost by you.

When we really love ourselves, we cannot be hurt from others or from situations, because we know deep down that the only way we allow someone to hurt us is when we give them permission to, by giving up our voice, our own sense of self and love from within.

I hope this message speaks to you today! I would love to hear from you, please email me here and let me know if this helped you today in anyway.

What part resonated with you and why?

Thank you for being here with me and sharing in another week together.


All My Love,