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Every Friday, we’re doing Q&A with MK (yay!), so you can get your questions answered in a more personalized way.

Today’s question came from a podcast listener who left me a beautiful review and I wanted to take time to reply to her personally. 

She asked: “How do I make myself a priority? I really struggle with this and I’m suffering because of it…”

I know she’s not alone…

As a recovering people pleaser, making myself a priority was not how I was conditioned.  Also coming from a male dominated household growing up, I learned to be a nurturer and put everyone’s needs ahead of my own.  And I believed this was the way to be a good woman, daughter, wife and mother; to sacrifice your needs for others.

What’s challenging is many women get their worth and happiness from being needed and nurturing those they love.

But, on the flipside, they’re not taking care of themselves and I often find these same women resenting when this happens. They find they’ve gained weight, didn’t get to their goals, hobbies, or dreams because they’ve allowed others to be more important.

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This is why I identified the “Nurturer” as one of my 4 archetypes in my International Best-Selling Book, Eat Right For Your Archetype.  

You can find out if this is you, or what archetype you are by taking my quiz here. When you do, you’ll also receive a mini action plan to support you in what your ideal diet, fitness and mindset gaps are and how to overcome them.

I want to hear from you!

Do you struggle with making yourself a priority? Let me know in our Wholeness Group  –  what the 1 action from the simple, 4-step process I share with you today, that you are going to put into immediate action!

I can’t wait to hear how you became the #1 priority of your life this week! 

You’ve got this girl, and I’ve got you!



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