Some people call me an Intuitive/Spiritual Coach.

Some people call me a Weight Loss Coach.

Some people call me a Mindset Ninja.

Some people call me Life Coach.

Some people call me a Wellness Expert.

I think I’m a person who has spent their life studying personal development, worthiness, weight loss/health and metaphysics, who had a spiritual awakening, experienced miracles through faith and who was also most fascinated by mindset mastery through universal laws.

I’ve taken everything I know about the above, along with spiritual and energetic principles, and applied it in the most simplified methods that result in rapid transformations for creating a life and body you love.

To me, it felt like many women were supposed to be ashamed of wanting to feel good, look good naked, express themselves and be themselves – to embrace who they are as they are – and their desire for wanting more – more than what culture deemed as acceptable. And that that wanting for more – made us greedy, or selfish, or wrong.

As though we are supposed to be more humble than that, or more thankful than that or even sorry for that…

I came in saying, “you CAN HAVE IT ALL”. I came in redefining spirituality, signs, universal principles and this notion of victim-hood or being broken – shifting the perception of dieting to understanding the human connection that your soul longed for.

I came in saying – STOP dieting, end self-rejection, no longer make yourself feel wrong for your desires and souls longing – instead lean into it, embrace it, befriend it.

Get to know the divine that is you. Partner with the light within that scares you. Give into the joy and creative yearning that you feel. Be a YES to what lights you up and release responsibility and putting off your dreams.

In essence, f*ck perfection! The old paradigm, the way of being that our mother’s mothers, learned from their mothers when women didn’t have a voice.

I’ve never seen a man be ashamed that he wanted a nice car, or got a promotion.

Women feel so guilty and greedy for a desire of a bigger life.

And we’re meant to have a bigger life.

It’s not MORE work – it’s a holy sh*t, I get to show up, ask for even more joy, more love, more from life, and my SOUL, the universe rewards me for it, with MORE ease, flow and fun!

I feel like the space I hold is like this massive example of, you can have more, you can do more, there’s nothing wrong with it, God’s not mad at you for wanting it. No one is – it’s time to forgive and let go of the piece that is blocking you.

I view myself as the woman who gets to HAVE IT ALL, worthy of it all – as the Ultimate QUEEN of my life.

I’m not available for anything less than.

>> Worthiness just is. I expect good things. I live in ease and flow.<<

And because I believe that worthiness just is in my life, love, happiness, health, peace and success continues to be in my life.

And it’s that confident expectation that I hold in my vibration that allows this to be my reality and my daily experience.

I was talking to a friend, an energy healer, this morning. She said, “What is this time of year + what you are offering now really about?”

My instant reply was: It’s about who we will choose to be in the new year.

Who are you going to be in the new year, MK?

You can be… you can create… you can have… you can do… whatever you want.

But as I’ve been ranting for years now, everything you desire is available to you. I had to learn this, get out of my own way, learn to love me deeply and embrace what was to receive greater than I could imagine.

Every time you choose to go bigger — from choosing to lose weight through WL4L, be you and be seen, start your business, switch careers, say yes to your partner, take chances to whatever your soul is calling you to– you may feel a little crazy.

You may get afraid of being too big, wanting too much, or stepping on toes.

Every single time you share your heart, use your voice, decide to be heard and seen, decide it gets to be easier, change your hours, ask for a raise or your needs to be met romantically– or any of the things that allow you to expand deeper into where you’re going — it’s normal to feel crazy.

But the truth is: You’re worthy.

When you sense you have work to do, a gift to give, a way to contribute, a way to help people, that there is more to your life than what you’re living and allowing — in my opinion — it is required that you be supported.

As the saying goes: You aren’t asking for too much, you’re asking for too little.

I believe that support is available for you. I believe that the whole Universe rejoices when you decide to go bigger, decide to take it to the next level, decide you’re worthy.

And decide that you will do the thing this year, this month, this day… or right now.

Your time is now.

… I have something for you. I’ve been messaging you, you’ve felt the nudge.

And I was thinking about you, I knew I needed to tell you this:

You are worthy.

You are worthy of your next level life.

You are worthy of creating the body and life and putting yourself out into the world.

You are worthy of being seen and heard.

You are worthy of doing the thing you long to do, you dream of doing, and feel called to do.

You are worthy.

Sometimes when considering diving into new information, exposing yourself to new energy, or digging into a new way of thinking, living, and receiving, it can feel like, “Can I really do this?” Or even do I want to.

And you can.

I know you can.

And I know you can because I know what it felt like when I was unsure if I could.

And honestly, there was a side of me that said…”I’ve “done so much “work” – I just want to enjoy what is…”

And I get that – and…that’s the ego.

Truth: (I didn’t know it at the time) and now I’m going to tell you what I wish I’d known.

Life is always going to call you to grow. It’s up to you – whether you want it to be fun, aligned, supported with what you long for, and for your desire to manifest quickly.

Or, if you want life to pull you, and the change you desire to see to happen over years as opposed to months.

I went at it alone and you know what – my soul kept calling and the idea of being, was nice, but I longed for more and that longing that I ignored and didn’t boldly step into, brought me back to food.

I ended up back in cycles of self-sabotage, feeling like I was going backward, instead of forward, making little to no real change in my life.

Now, when I have a bigger dream, a new income goal, or a new desire for how my life goes and my desire seems really wild — or even impossible — I understand that that is just part of the process.

And I continue to invest in my happiness and to living the most epic life that God intended for me! And I do it with support.

You are worthy.

You can do this.

I believe in you.

Your desires were placed in your heart for a reason, on purpose, intentionally, and by the divine.

Much Love,