I love myself too much to give you all of me.

I love myself too much to let you take my light and energy.

I love myself too much to allow you to project your negativity unto me.

I love myself too much to make my health and my happiness my top priority.

As a positive force in the world, it’s important to guard your energy, against energy vampires, narcissists and negative people – these are the areas where boundaries need to be reinforced. And where it’s necessary to make ourselves, and our needs our top priority.

I recently had an experience where this became really clear to me. I was around someone who kept draining me. It was hard for me to decipher this energy at first, because this individual was a narcissist.

Narcissistic energy in particular is not only prickly, but hard to spot at first, because there are levels of manipulation, judgement and projection at play. And if you are a self-aware person, this can cause you to question if it’s you, and be unclear why you feel off.

I had to remind myself, that my energy is for me to protect and to control.

Remember love…

“No one can take your light or your positivity. Just as no one can hurt you unless you give them the power too”.

A few telltale signs of these presences in your life are when you feel drained after spending time with someone, if you feel negative or off, unhappy, reactive, on-edge, exhausted, sad or down, also if you begin to feel insecure, less confident and/or questioning yourself.

When you are around positive individuals and good energy, there is a feeling of lightness, joy, and inspiration. You feel connected, seen, heard and respected.

It’s highly unlikely you’ve lived life without having these experiences. My hope is that this message supports you in deciphering this energy and making sure to protect yourself – even if it’s family. You can love and not give all of you or lose yourself by doing so.

Have you had an experience with a narcissist? Or someone who was a negative presence in your life? I’d love to hear from you!

All My Love,