In this week’s episode of the Wholeness podcast, you’ll be guided on how to tap in, feel turned on, trust and take action on the divine guidance within you. You’ll learn key takeaways on how to harness your intuitive gifts, and stay in aligned flow with feeling good, easily attracting goodness and joy into your life. You will also discover the power of presence and how to expand upon you current experience to create what you want versus recreating exactly what you don’t want or have already been living.

Building on the principles Melissa Kathryn has imparted to her listeners over the past weeks and months, the time has come in the journey to talk about being in the present moment and listening to divine guidance. Melissa emphasizes the importance of meditation and being connected to your body in order to tap into that universal guidance that is within each one of us, if we are willing to set aside what we think we should be doing or thinking, in exchange for choosing to feel good and letting that influence all areas of life.

Through complete gratitude and appreciation, you can transcend your circumstances and find your vibrational match in the present moment. Many, if not most, struggle with being in the present moment because of their preoccupation with the past or the future, either dwelling on what has happened to them in the past that “made them this way” or focusing on what might happen in the future. Both scenarios bring negative energy into the present moment, and keep you from experiencing your true power and living into the joy that is available to you right now.

Let go of the narratives that others have told you or you have told yourself about how things should be and make yourself a priority, releasing any guilt that you may feel for putting yourself first and realizing that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Choose and create your thoughts and realities and shape how other people will perceive you by believing the best about yourself and being a “yes” to life. A huge part of this process is giving yourself intentional space to seek divine guidance and hear what the universe wants to tell you.

Melissa challenges all of you to keep a journal by your bed and write down the questions that you have for the universe every night, then spend some time meditating on those questions every day and follow up with yourself by writing down the answers you receive. This process in itself is therapeutic and can help you gain greater clarity and perspective on circumstances that have been redirected along the way. Get out of the way of this guidance and be open to what you will receive.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Being in the present moment rather than focusing on the past or future
  • Trusting in the plan that the universe has for you
  • Spending time in meditation(in the silence) listening to divine guidance
  • Being a “yes” to life
  • Getting out of the way and letting your higher self lead you

Key Notes:

“This is something I have really had to master, to step out of the way so the universe can take hold.”

“The mind is set up to keep you safe and the mind creates problems so it can solve them.”

“You can never outthink yourself out of feeling bad and you can never think yourself into feeling good. You have to move yourself into feeling good by being in the body.”

“Where you want to go is not about living in the past but being in the present.”

“I don’t want you to bring the energy of yesterday and years past into today.”

“You get to choose and take back your power in this moment.”

“It’s your life – what are you going to do for you?”

“Being present is not living in the future.”

“Declare it. Choose it. Be it for yourself. Be in the present moment and it shall be.”

“Why don’t we let go of the problems and choose to be in the present moment?”

“I always know when I’m not [doing everything based on my body] because of the outcome and the way the experience feels. When I make decisions based off of what I think I should do and what my mind is saying, I never enjoy it, I lose myself, the process is always more challenging, and the lessons are always harder.”

“Are you getting out of the way? Are you allowing the universe to take hold?”

“Pay attention to where you are making your decisions from, a feel good state versus a “should” state, i.e the mind.”

“You are perfect and whole exactly as you are.”


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