If you’ve ever felt that you don’t have the capacity to stick with a goal or follow through on a dream, this episode of the Wholeness podcast is for you. Melissa Kathryn wants you to settle in to listen to all that she has to offer during the next 30 minutes, including the key to attaining your goals and dreams, while finding happiness and fulfillment you’ve been seeking.

Your mind is set up to keep you safe and in your comfort zone, living into the patterns and habits you’ve been following – i.e. you will continue to experience the exact same results or little increases of success but never fully achieve the greatness you desire – operating from this place.

Your heart on the other hand is your key to access not only, your inner most desires, but the roadmap to having them, while giving you the motivation to step out of that comfort zone to create the life you want to live.

Many people neglect the privilege of co-creating their lives with the universe and choosing every day which path they want to take in pursuit of the juicy lives they’ve been dreaming of. Being awakened to something different and then having the fortitude to let go of your ego to pursue it is a better way of being.

Melissa reminds you of her self created, go-to mantra..

“Clear intention + Inspired Action = Your Desired Result”

Combine this mantra with Melissa’s 4 C’s of working towards goals and dreams are: Commitment, Consistency, Compassion, and Connection. Having a “why” and choosing every day to take steps towards it even when you don’t feel like it will eventually get you much farther than you ever could have gotten by maintaining the status quo and believing self-limiting things that your mind tells you. By thinking about the life you want to have, you can start to envision yourself there and live into those good feeling thoughts.

The exercise that Melissa recommends on this topic is: write down your goal, think about what feelings you will have when you achieve the goal, sit with those feelings, and then either picture a memory or visualize what it would be like to feel that way. When this feeling overtakes your body, you have become a vibrational match for the feelings of achieving the goal and it is as if you have already completed it. All of a sudden, your dream or goal seems much more attainable and you are in a better space to make progress. Another way to think about this is to be, then to do, then to have.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to stay committed
  • Co-creating your life with the universe
  • The 4 C’s: commitment, consistency, compassion, and connection
  • Matching the vibrations you want
  • Becoming the woman you want to be

Key Notes:

“At any time, we can come back in and commit ourselves…we can choose differently.”

“You are the creator of your life.”

“Everything I’m teaching you here is to awaken you to something different.”

“At this very moment, you can choose to step toward your goal.”

“Your mind will always keep you in a pattern that it knows.”

“There is no such thing as overnight success – it is constant commitment and choosing to stay consistent.”

“If your goal is based on being perfect, then you’re going to fail.”

“If you are not connected to your ‘why’, you will fall short.”

“In order to become what it is that we want, we need to be able to sit in a space where we feel the vibration.”

“We match the vibration of the very thing that we’re wanting.”

“When you are ‘out of’, the way to bring yourself back to the good feeling space, that flow state…is to bring yourself back to a feeling that is synonymous to what you want to create.”

“This goal is not just achieved at one point in time, but it is part of who you are becoming. And it is in that becoming that we embrace a deeper level of compassion for ourselves and this is how we stay truly committed to what we want and we become the person that creates them and has them.”

“Fear is a sign of the direction you’re supposed to be headed in.”


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