In this episode of the wholeness podcast, Melissa Kathryn talks about breaking limiting belief systems within us that have been running the show for most of our lives, without us fully realizing we made decisions and take specific actions, guided from these specific beliefs…but are they real?

Most of us are unaware of the beliefs we have about ourselves, our gifts and what’s possible, which in turn affects how we show up in the world. Beliefs either hurt us or help us, which she perfectly explains by giving an example In her life, where she had the belief that she was “too much” to successful, too independent and too strong for the romantic relationship she ultimately had desired. Tune in to hear more about this topic and to be guided through the exact formula you can use today, to break free from any limiting beliefs that are currently running the show in your life, and Melissa will also guide you through how to create new, awesome beliefs that will support your goals, dreams and desires!

The first step is to be aware of the beliefs that are no longer serving you, then go through the process of deconstructing then reconstructing them to better serve you. This process can also be found in her blog and detailed in today’s episode.

First, Melissa explains to identify a belief that you would like to change, then ask yourself where it originated from, what was the earliest memory that cemented this as a belief for you. Then ask yourself – whose voice it came from, meaning, was the belief driven from your internal thoughts or from a parent, teacher, sibling or friend?

We are a collection of words, stories and beliefs, our own perception of an experience. Some stories and words are from those we care about most and became internalized for us. Melissa provides many examples of this in today’s episode to help you apply this to your own life.

Once you identified the origin of the belief, then we ask ourselves, is it our voice or someone else’s belief that we have taken on as our own. Melissa gave an example from her family, that happy people are married people with children. That is a belief from her parents that became one for her that as she explained cast a negative tone on her life and all she had accomplished for many years until she realized it was not her belief, and from there she was able to create her own belief and one that brought her joy, not made her feel less than for not having experienced that in her life to date.

After that, you’re instructed to do the 5-5-5 breath work created by Melissa, where you breathe in for five, suspend for five, then exhale for five counts for a minimum of two rounds and a maximum of ten. This process is so you can access the heart, which is proven to be a powerful access point to the subconscious mind, without conscious mind interference. This will enable you to get to the source of the belief, then rewrite it as you would like it to be. This is a powerful and life-changing process.

Melissa is particularly passionate to address food beliefs, since the holiday season is around the corner and 99% of us have emotional response triggers associated with food and our families due to our lives and cultures. She urges us to take care of our bodies and not use the holidays as an excuse to let go of our goals and what makes us feel our best.

Eating right, exercising and above all self-love and gratitude should be the priority in our lives always.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How beliefs get created
  • What’s been stopping you from having the success you desire in weight loss, money, career and love
  • Identify the specific limiting beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Breakthrough formula for these limiting beliefs
  • Discover how to create wew Awesome beliefs to replace the old one
  • Master your beliefs around food and your weight to have your best holiday season to date

Key Notes:

“Beliefs either serve you or hurt you”

“what we tell ourselves becomes our reality; becomes what we experience and our perception enforces our beliefs”

“Whose voice of limiting beliefs are you listening to – is it yours or have you taken ownership of this belief that was in fact your mothers?”

“Once you know your beliefs and it’s origin, you have the power to change them”

“We never blame others, we are accountable for our actions, however, knowing the root, give us power and freedom for the change we seek”

“The mind doesn’t know the difference between a dream and reality”

“You are the story you create for yourself – make it f*cking fabulous”

“Food is medicine”

“it’s not selfish to make yourself a priority, it’s a gift”

“Empower yourself with gratitude”

“When in doubt, gratitude and appreciation will transform any state of being and bring you back to alignment”


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