Melissa Kathryn speaks to the art of owning your voice, stepping into your power, by cultivating your own truth and sharing it in this profound episode of the Wholeness podcast.

Melissa recognizes that today, more than ever, we as women need to hone the power of self-expression for women, especially during this progressive time in the women’s movement for equality.

In this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa shares her own struggles with using her voice, speaking her truth and sharing her gifts and how this is something she sees women of all ages struggle with and the negative implications on their health, wealth, relationships, careers and more.,

She explains the reason for this episode is because if women don’t start taking a stand for themselves and their desires, sharing their truths, and begin to own and practice this daily, it can result in illness, depression and other negative manifestations in the body and life.

Because when we are not in our souls expression as women, we are cutting off our access to the divine and our zone of genius, our point of ease and flow. Tune in NOW to get the full episode!

As women, Melissa encourages her community to take their power back, take up space, start to be seen, use your voice to be heard, your opinions matter because they are yours- they are meant to be voices and acknowledged…by you!

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Women currently make up the majority of the workforce, it is vital that women step into their truth, own their voice, and share that with others.

Melissa transparently shares her feelings from childhood about the fear of being “too much.” She walks us through getting over this fear, and teaches us that it is ok to take up space, all while learning to not overuse the phrase “I’m sorry.”

It’s important to ask for help and support, to have your needs met, and to live in your worth.

Melissa challenges you to see how often you say “I’m sorry”, to receive a compliment without feeling the need to reciprocate, and to complement and celebrate as many women as you can.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn the power that comes from not saying “I’m sorry” all of the time, and how to replace it with words or phrases that don’t reinforce that your opinion doesn’t matter.
  • How to accept a compliment without having to say something complimentary in return.
  • How to determine if when you’re placing judgment on others, if that’s really a manifestation of judging yourself.
  • How to empower yourself with the gift of “taking up space.”
  • Pinpointing how you were raised, and what your stance on self-expression was while growing up.

Key Notes:

“I used to not want to take up space, or be seen, I used to smile, keep quiet and look pretty. Now I say what I want, mean what I say and I don’t give a f*ck if what others think, as long as I spoke my truth and feel good in how I showed up.”

“It’s better to not be liked, than to not be remembered.”

“Growing up, if I had a specific need or an ask, it really wasn’t acknowledged…I really learned if I’m going to say something it’s going to be ridiculed, so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut. This didn’t serve me, it hurt me. Where did you shut down?”

“Take up space. I want you to actually burden others with who you are…especially if you are paying for a service. It is not a burden, it is a gift to whomever gets the joy of getting to work with you.”

“Whenever we are in a state of judgment, always point the finger right back at yourself…if you’re judging others, then you’re harshly judging yourself.”

“The voice in our minds is always 100% times worse than the voice that we even put on others.”

“It’s really about owning your awesomeness.”

“The only opinion that matters is your own.”

“Stay in your own lane. Stay in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation for yourself. Be in a place where you honor yourself and your voice, and take up space. Let people see you.”

“I really want you to own your voice and to step into that, and to recognize where you are stunting yourself by not giving yourself permission to be you.”

“Use your voice. Tell others what your needs are. Not from a place of anger, not from a place of frustration, from a place of honor and love for you.”

“Ladies, you have to take care of you. You are doing a disservice to everyone in your life by only giving them a part of you and not all of you…by not sharing who you truly are or taking the time you need for you.”

“Choose to be responsible for the life that we are living now. Choose and know that we can get out of playing the victim card to our circumstances, and that we have the power at anytime to change. How amazing is that!”


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