The topic of this episode of the Wholeness podcast is gratitude, specifically how to break free from negativity to become a mega attractor. Melissa Kathryn shares from her own journey the profound ways that intentionally choosing gratitude every day impacted her mental and spiritual experiences while she was going through the hardest time of her life. She wants you to settle in and apply what she learned to your own life and situation and be open to what will come of this decision.

Years ago, when Melissa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she decided not to let her circumstances get the best of her but rather spend time every morning writing down at least 5 things she was grateful for. She found that she often wrote down more than 5 things, and this attitude of gratitude led her seamlessly into a time of meditation and connection with herself and the divine. Even though she was going through so many negative things, she was able to transcend her circumstances to experience unparalleled alignment with her highest self.

Melissa challenges you, her community, to buy yourself a nice journal that speaks to you and create a gratitude practice. There is no formula for this practice, and if you find it difficult to find time for yourself during the day, you might consider waking up earlier than normal to start your day with gratitude. You will be amazed by the rippling effects of this practice on the rest of your day.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Breaking free from negativity
  • Choosing gratitude to make hardships your greatest gifts
  • Beginning a gratitude practice
  • Connecting back in to your highest self
  • Understanding the power of gratitude for co-creating your life

Key Notes:

“When you’re in a complete place of uncertainty and you’ve come from being a controller and a perfectionist, you have no control.”

“I couldn’t do anything but pray and choose to be happy each day and release all control and focus on the good.”

“Expressing gratitude will bring you back to that immediate space of energetic alignment.”

“I can either go into full victim here or I can go into all of my resources, all of my tools and I’m going to turn this into the greatest gift.”

“You go from a place of ‘Wow, life is out to get me.’ to ‘Wow, life is so beautiful and it’s supporting me in every way that I can imagine.’”

“You call in. You get on such a high vibe that you are a mega attractor for everything that you’re wanting.”

“It opens up all these different realms within yourself.”

“It wasn’t immediate, and I allowed the unfolding of my connection to myself and to the divine.”

“I didn’t go on a quest for spiritual awakening.”

“It is the fastest way to get yourself back into the high vibe and joyous alignment within yourself.”

“When in doubt, go with gratitude.”

“I want to come from a place of appreciating all that already is.”


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