The Subconscious is a tricky little devil…

As with every New Year, we come back with grand plans and a list of goals we’re saying were committed to achieving in the upcoming year, claiming…

“This year will be different, this year, I’m doing it!”

“I’m going to finally lose those extra pounds, get a new job, meet the love of my life, declutter my home, get my finances in order, run a marathon, workout each day…”

Sound familiar?

What I found this past week, is that, you can have strong desires and goals, but life always has it’s own agenda and it’s up to us how we show up, handle it and manage ourselves to still reach those goals and have fun in the process. This, is what will determine whether or not we reach our goals, not the other way around.

As I’m in the middle of a launch, creating a ton of content, videos and more for my business along with travels and my personal life, I have what feels like, 50 balls in the air at all times. I’m super excited about all of it, but, I heard myself this past week and had to take a step back, because my actions and mindset were affecting my happiness and the results which were detracting from my life, not adding to it.

I was running full steam ahead with my goals, my body was saying…”Hello, we’re tired and need a break”, my words had gone from loving to “You’re not doing enough, do better, give more, get up earlier, get more work done, give more, create more, be more committed…”

This was not the voice of love but the voice of fear, filled with doubt, perfection, control and in lack of compassion and connection to the true me.

I saw it right away and was fierce in shutting this voice down before it did damage.

I’m bringing this to you, because it’s important for you to begin to see where you disconnect and drive from your perfectionist nature, instead of the loving, compassionate side of you that will lead you to reach your goals with ease and joy, instead of struggle.

The perfectionist will always lead you in circles of seeking an unattainable goal, where you’ll always feel “less than”, because even when you reach it, it won’t be “good enough”. i.e. weight loss.

As I always say, “The path to feeling good, never feels bad”, and my words and actions left me feeling less than, exhausted and uninspired.

When our words, actions and thoughts feel good, we’re aligned with our true essence and with our bodies. When they don’t feel good, it’s a clear sign we aren’t aligned and on the path of struggle.

Here are some fun and simple ways to stay on a struggle free path!

There were four very important lessons I learned I want to share with you:

1. Our inner dialogue can get out of whack when we lose sight of our intentions. Take note of how you talk to yourself when you get inundated at work, stressed at home or with loved ones or when you set a goal and are trying to attain it. What is that voice? How does she make you feel?

2. Check in with yourself weekly to ensure you’re staying aligned and ask yourself:

  • Am I having fun?
  • Does this feel good?
  • Does this make me happy?
  • Am I aligned?

*If the answers are NO – Abort the mission or change the manner in which you are thinking about it and going about achieving it.

3. Reach out to people when you have a nice thought or feeling about them. We need each other. None of us are perfect or have it all together. Tell your fellow sisters how much you appreciate them.

It’s when we bring each other up that our lives expand in love and beauty.

4. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where could you use more support in your life and reaching these goals?
  • Is your inner perfectionist taking over?
  • How can you change your current situation to take control and make it feel the way you want it to?
  • Are you speaking words of love to yourself or driving from fear?

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Radiantly Yours,


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