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Make sure to add me to your contact list or move me from that pesky "promotions" folder to your "primary" folder. And in the event that any of my emails ended up in GASP... your

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22 Lessons for a Kickass 2020

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This year is going to be EPIC! And here’s why! You are amazing.  Yes you. Don’t be so ready to run from 2019 - take stock of all you learned and did! Be proud of

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I’m confused on who I’m supposed to be

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Is this what 41 is supposed to look like?  No one ever thinks I’m my age. And it got me thinking, what is 41 “supposed” to look like? Am I supposed to have aged dramatically

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How overeating keeps you in isolation

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Do you find you keep overeating? Especially when you’re starting to feel really good and happy? When you’re seeing weight loss and feeling good in your body? Overeating is the #1 form of self-sabotage because

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Who are you listening to?

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I was hiking with my friend and I in Malibu on Saturday and we had this enlightened discussion about coaching (we’re both coaches) and how detrimental it can be, to hire or even follow the

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You’re always being guided

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You’re always being guided. Do you trust what you hear? This week on my way to my acting class, I was listening to one of my faves on Youtube, the law of attraction with Jerry

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I’m giving it 1 year…

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What would life look like for you if you only had one year left? How would you start living? Would you say exactly what’s on your mind, as my 72 year old father has beautifully

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In honor of her…

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I had to make a choice, should I stay or should I go? I chose to go. I got up early the morning after arriving at my brothers, got dressed and headed to hospice to

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What if you had 1 year left?

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What if you had 1 year left to live? What would you do differently? Would you be fixated on your weight? Would you still want to overeat? Would food even be a factor? I recently

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