Do you find you keep overeating?

Especially when you’re starting to feel really good and happy? When you’re seeing weight loss and feeling good in your body?

Overeating is the #1 form of self-sabotage because it puts us back in a subservient state to our own minds.

The more you eat, the more disconnected you are from your higher self.

This is why when people hire me to connect to the divine, to learn to trust themselves, to hear their intuition – I always start with food.

The more you eat, the more full you feel, the worse you feel about yourself.

The more you eat, the less motivated you are to take action towards your goals.

The more you eat, the less you want to be seen.

The more you eat, the more negative your thoughts and therefore your actions.

This continued lack of connection is what has you turn to isolation.

Isolated eating = overeating = binging

Isolated thinking = negative thoughts = self-negating, over-analyzation (i.e. procrastination, perfectionism = lack of self-love)

Isolated being = anxiety = depression

Think of your mind like a thermostat – being overweight, even if only 5 pounds, is your comfort zone, even if you know all the information and have tried every diet, your default “thermostat setting, i.e. your “comfort zone” will bring you back to it’s typical setting, because it does not know the unknown. 

This new way of living where weight loss is easy, and you feel comfortable and happy in your body is unknown and foreign to your system of beliefs.

Think of the last time you were not focused on fixing something about you? Fixing your weight, your body, your face…

When were you just happy? Just BEING you, not DOING anything, just living in full appreciation of your body, your health and the gift of the life you get to lead?

For the majority of women, they do not have a recent memory, their memories of this have been fleeting, yet this is the very place I coach my clients to live in, because in this acceptance and state of presence, we are able to cultivate a fullness that no amount of food or kind of food, could ever compare to this level of joy or satisfaction.

So, now knowing this, why do we still overeat?

Why do you find yourself still compelled, no matter how much you’ve committed or how hard you worked out that day and declared “today is a new day,” why and how do you find yourself sitting on your sofa or heading to bed with a full tummy, feeling frustrated and defeated again? (btw’s – we’ve all been there 😉

This is something I hear often from facebook to emails and I get it.

What I want to tell you is there is a belief system, a way of thinking and being that is not aligned with your desire to lose weight and to be done with struggling with food.

If this is true for you, then food is still feeling a void or many voids for you in your life, from connection, self-love, feeling on-purpose, happy in relationships, expressing yourself, giving yourself permission for your dreams and so on.

These are the exact things, I’ll be discussing in my upcoming WHOLENESS podcast launching August 15th (Stay tuned!!! EEEK! So excited)

Radiantly Yours,