I began teaching these principles when I started my Weight Loss business and have seen that no matter what I’m teaching they apply and help my clients connect back to their truth.

You cannot turn on yourself. You must be the friend and cheerleader that you always needed.

These 4 key principles will always help you to align with what it is you really want, need and deserve.

The key here is to have compassion.

There are 4 Key Principles I teach to my clients, Connection, Compassion, Consistency and Commitment.

Do the 4 tips provided below and take these simple action steps to realign and get back to you and in your body to stay committed to your goals and turn your mindset around, now!

1) Connection: You need to stay connected to your body always, even when you don’t feel your best and aren’t happy with what you see in the mirror. Connection is about being in a relationship with yourself. When you are in true, deep love with you and know you’re the queen of your life (another thing I teach), one day of eating will not keep you from your goals or derail you. So now it’s time for you to reconnect and recommit with the tip below.

Tip: Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your nose for 5 very deep breaths. Repeat, “I am more than enough exactly as I am”

2) Compassion: Really being done with dieting and loving you, is about being on a life-long journey to love you. Each day you will be challenged to see everything as a lesson to bring you to your highest good. How can you see your choices and decisions as lessons and blessings to learn from instead of those to cause you regret, frustration or sadness? Learn to flip the switch to positive over negative with this awesome emotional mastery technique.

Tip: Write down the lessons you learned from your choices and actions yesterday and see them as gifts to learn from, then thank the Universe for guiding you to your goals.

3) Consistency: Now it’s about getting back to you. Thanksgiving is one day, it’s time to hop back on the “YOU” train! Get out there and move your body, eat in alignment with what feels good and energizes you, make choices from this point forward that are aligned with a lifestyle mentality. The holiday is over, let it end yesterday. Go to bed proud tonight!

Tip: Set a clear intention now to stay consistent with what feels good and repeat that tonight you will go to bed proud. Check in all day long today with this intention.

4) Commitment: Daily commitment to your goals is needed, especially in the beginning to ensure you are aligned with what you truly want and not just doing what your mind wants. Recommit to your goals, to yourself, your body, to the life you want to lead. This is not a diet.

Tip: It’s your life…make sure that your commitments are things you want to do for the rest of your life. The way you eat, move, think and feel – are these things aligned with you and what you really want to feel day in and day out. If not, take this time to get clear now on what that is and commit. You want your vision for you to feel juicy and to be excited for what’s to come, not to feel exhausted by it or that it’s so far out of reach.

I hope you will put my 4 C’s and tips into action!

All My Love,