This year is going to be EPIC! And here’s why!

You are amazing. 

Yes you.

Don’t be so ready to run from 2019 – take stock of all you learned and did!

Be proud of your growth!

Internal changes, mindset work – you won’t always see these as big material gains…THAT DOES NOT mean to discount them or that you did not go far this past year. 

Instead – OWN IT girl! That is the hard work, the work that pays off in dividends!

And if you took a year of not looking inward and are still running from what isn’t working…

Good, now you have been in enough pain and stagnation that you can use that to propel you forward!

Basically what I’m saying is this…

You are a badass, amazing, sexy, successful, loving, kind, generous, DESERVING woman.  

So get out of your beautiful head and the negative thoughts that you somehow are not where you should be, or that you should look different or have lost the weight or made more money and trust you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Reading these words…because they, this message, is meant for you!

Here are my best lessons from 2019 to take with you for an EPIC 2020-2022! 

I mean why only use them for 1 year – follow these and you’ll be amazed at all you do and how good you feel and what you create as a result!

22 Lessons for an EPIC 2020 from my 2019:

  1. Be a YES to life and life will be a YES to you.
  2. Gratitude is the answer for everything. 
  3. Listening is always more powerful than talking – give the gift of true presence and you’ll experience life through a renewed lens.
  4. Having your health is the greatest gift of all and never take it for granted.
  5. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled and lived in this life-time; they are NOT meant to die with you.
  6. My beliefs are more powerful than any current reality, and will determine my outcome.
  7. Life is simple, stop complicating it. Clear intention + Inspired Action  = Your Desired Result;)
  8. God is my answer.
  9. Generosity is an essence, a spirit that carries further than any material possession. May I always be generous in all I do.
  10. Family is sacred, cherish every moment and seize it, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
  11. Making an impact is a gift, not a responsibility – treat it as the coveted gift it is.
  12. Talents, gifts, lessons are yours to share, it’s selfish to hide them and incorrect to believe you’re not good enough. 
  13. Being fearless is a state of mind and will get your further than any book, course or coach can take you.
  14. My connection to my body and my intuitive guidance is priceless and the greatest gift I’ve ever cultivated for myself and share with others.
  15. Trust myself and never settle – especially in romance or while pursuing my purpose/passion. 
  16. Kindness is truly the most beautiful human characteristic to witness in another.
  17. We are all one – so how am I going to treat my neighbor in all situations…compassion is king.
  18. Follow my heart even when it makes no sense – it will always lead me to where I’m meant to be.
  19. Life is meant to be FUN – If it’s not Fun, why do it?
  20. If I’m not uncomfortable than I’m playing it safe and not growing. 
  21. Expression/Creativity is life-force and without it, my soul is left longing.
  22. There are no limits only limited thinking.

Out of these, which 1 speaks to you the most that you can take with you into 2020-2022? Share with me in our Wholeness group.


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Life is meant to be lived, not on a diet!

Love you girl!



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